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Motorpsycho - The Crucible pre-orders
We will open for pre-orders in our webshop on 4th January.
Regular LP, ltd colour LP and CD.
Make sure you´re on our mailinglist and don´t sleep!

Motorpsycho - The Crucible - New album out 15th February
Both visually and musically, The Crucible starts where the last album The Tower ended, but it soon takes on its own hue, and it is clear that it cannot be called a ‘sequel' as such: this is very much a step further out than anywhere the band ventured on The Tower. While it is broader lyrically speaking, it is even sharper focused musically and, if possible, even more idiosyncratic and insular than ever. Unarguably a Motorpsycho album, it is one that is going to make the novice Psychonaut’s head spin, but feel comfortingly unfamiliar to the acolyte. Motorpsycho was always too gnarly for prog nerds as well as too musically unwieldy for punks, and as their appeal becomes ever more selective, they are still proudly falling between all cracks, stools or chairs one might think of putting in their way. 'Prog rock'? Call it Motorpsychodelia!
The Crucible was recorded at Monnow Valley Studios in Wales in August 2018 by Hans Magnus Ryan (guitars, vocals), Bent Sæther (bass, vocals, sundry) and Tomas Järmyr (drums), with co-producers Andrew Scheps and Deathprod. To these ears, and to the band’s satisfaction, this co-production ploy worked out wonderfully, and has resulted in a beautifully crafted record, smaller in size but at least equal in ambition to its celebrated predecessor. It is somehow both more focused, and denser in content, but also compositionally more ambitious than The Tower. One would perhaps think that this necessarily results in a diminished sonic assault, but the album still packs a wallop like a good rock record should. And - 'for once' some waggish tongues would say - does not outstay its welcome.

20th Anniversary Concerts at Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo
We are very happy to confirm a fantastic two day program at Nasjonal Jazzscene, with artists that have contributed on more than 50 Rune Grammofon releases over the years.
Tickets are on sale now, just click on the dates before it´s too late.

Friday 30th November
Maja S. K. Ratkje & Motorpsycho

Saturday 1st December
Fire! & Hedvig Mollestad Trio

Motorpsycho live albums in June
We have the pleasure to announce four live albums from Motorpsycho in the ongoing Roadwork series. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are re-issues, while Vol. 3 has so far only been available as part of the Haircuts DVD. All these are double albums. Vol. 5 is a triple monster from last years European tour with Tomas Järmyr behind the drums and Kristoffer Lo guesting on keys and guitar. Mixed by the Andrew Scheps, it includes a 42 minute out-of-this-world take on Un Chien d'Espace. Pre-orders are expected to start in May.

Heads up regarding orders this summer
Due to office refurbishment we will not be able to ship orders between Monday 17th July and Friday 28th July. We will update this information if there are any changes to this schedule. Other than that we will try to ship once a week during the summer.
Look out for two splendid Terje Rypdal tribute albums on 25th August and a spanking new Motorpsycho double studio album a couple of weeks later.

Motorpsycho 6CD box set very soon
Angels and Daemons at Play is the fourth installment in the ongoing Motorpsycho luxury box-set re-issue program. Release 2nd December. Pre-orders in a week or two.
Stay tuned!

Motorpsycho Prog nomination
Motorpsycho´s epic "Big Black Dog" from "Here Be Monsters" is nominated in the Anthem category in Prog magazine´s annual Progressive Music Awards. You can register and vote here: http://2016.prog.awards.teamrock.com

Motorpsycho pre-orders on hold
We have stopped taking pre-orders for the time being because we simply need a breather to prepare and start packaging. We will re-open for LP, CD and 7" orders the same week as the album release.

Motorpsycho quiz
Pick the vinyl edition track order from the forthcoming Supersonic Scientists anthology, 15 tracks from 15 albums.

Delayed shipping
Due to late incoming product and illness in the office, things are running a bit late. But we will hopefully be able to ship most of the E9 pre-orders as well as other orders this week.

Motorpsycho anthology and book
In connection with the band´s 25th anniversary, there will be an extensive exhibition at Rockheim in Trondheim, opening on 16th October. This date will also see the first ever release of a Motorpsycho anthology, in the shape of 2LP and 2CD editions. There will also be a book out on Falck Forlag, where esteemed writers and musicians have a chapter each on the 15 tracks that make up the 2LP edition. The 2CD edition will have two bonus tracks. These releases will have a detailed and up to date family tree, published here for the first time. The book will also have the most detailed and nerdy discography on Motorpsycho ever published. The title of the anthology as well as the book is Supersonic Scientists, taken from the Kim Hiorthøy´s Demon Box drawing.

Three new releases!
Orders for the Detail album as well as the two 7" singles can be made now. Ordinary release date for The Last Hurrah!! is in late February, but we will ship orders including this item already early next week.

Orders and shipping before Christmas
Please note that our final shipping date this year is Thursday 18th December.
The Norwegian Post recommends that packages are sent no later than 16th December to arrive before Christmas to Norwegian destinations, 14th December to most European destinations and 12th December to central destinations in USA. We should have orders 1-2 work days before we ship.

Demon Box pre-orders stopped for now!
Because of an extraordinay amount of pre-orders, we´ve had to stop them for now, due to lack of capacity. The limited edition on clear vinyl is already sold out, but we will re-open for orders of the black edition LP and the CD box set in early December. Please note, these two are not limited editions, and will be shipped to all who order.

Motorpsycho - Demon Box!
Motorpsycho´s iconic "Demon Box" album from 1993 gets a proper re-issue treatment in the shape of a 4CD + DVD box set and 2LP vinyl. We´re hoping to start pre-orders first week of December. More information here.

Supersilent available now!
In addition to the brand new album "12" and the first-time-on-CD "11", two classic Supersilent albums, "4" and "6" are finally back in stock.
All four can be ordered now!

You can now pre-order two new albums that we are very proud to have in our catalogue, both are amazing albums; "Enter" from Fire! Orchestra and "Jacana" from Swedish pianist Sten Sandell and Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. Both come highly recommended!

Excellent Krokofant available now
We think it´s one of the most refreshing Norwegian debut albums for quite some time, brimming with energy and youthful enthusiasm. Comes highly recommended!

Jenny Hval to support Swans
Jenny Hval is confirmed as support act on the mighty Swans US and UK tour dates in May and June. More details in the tours section.

Motorpsycho pre-order and video
You can now pre-order Motorpsycho´s new album "Behind The Sun" on double vinyl and CD. We will ship a couple of days before 7. March, which is the release date. In the meantime you can enjoy their first official video in quite some time at their brand new webpage: www.motorpsycho.no

Five Spellemann nominations!
Happy to announce five Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) nominations. Congrats to Hedvig Mollestad Trio and Motorpsycho in the Rock category, Arve Henriksen in Jazz, SPUNK in Contemporary and Jenny Hval in the Composer category. It all takes place on 18th of January.

Label night in Oslo!
First label night in Oslo for a very long time. It all takes place at Nasjonal Jazzscene, start 8pm. Line-up is Krokofant, Maja Ratkje and Bushman´s Revenge.

Arve Henriksen album available for orders now
Arve´s beautiful new album "Places of Worship" is now available for order on CD and LP. We also have a few copies left of the limited white vinyl edition.

Jenny Hval and Bushman´s Revenge available now
Great reviews everywhere in the Norwegian press and 2 Best New Track at Pitchfork for Jenny Hval´s "Innocence Is Kinky. Bushman´s Revenge´s live album is a vinyl only release (incl CD with the first 500) and probably their best effort so far!

Motorpsycho Eggplant available now!
The CD and black vinyl edition are now available to order. We might have a few white ones and marbled vinyl Unicorns left, if so we will let you know sometime next week.

Limited editions sold out!
The limited editions of Bushman´s Revenge and Jenny Hval are sold out, same with the bundle. Still possible to order limited Motorpsycho editions.

Hedvig Mollestad Trio sold out!
The limited white vinyl edition is sold out, but you can now order both the black one and the CD edition.

New Motorpsycho album in April!
A brand new and quite excellent studio album, "Still Life With Eggplant", will be released on 12th April. It was recorded late last year in Trondheim and features Dungen guitarist Reine Fiske on several tracks. He was last heard on Elephant9´s "Atlantis" album. More to follow.

Stetson & Gustafsson + Blissard pre-order
The album of explosive duets from the two sax giants is shipping now. Available on CD and LP with free CD.
We have also opened for pre-orders of Motorpsycho´s Blissard 4CD luxury treatment. The release date is 23. November. 

Stian Westerhus colour vinyl mix-up
Unfortunately there was a mix-up at the pressing plant who sent only blue vinyl copies and no black ones, meaning that the blue vinyl edition is now the ordinary edition. The good news is that we will get 100 red ones that will function as the limited edition of 100 only. The bundle will be shipped when all items are in stock, so there will be no major delays. 

If any of you who placed a bundle pre-order still prefer the blue edition instead of the red one, please let us know asap.

Motorpsycho and Westerhus available now - bundle sold out
The vinyl bundle is already sold out, the same is the blue vinyl edition of the new Stian Westerhus album. In view of this we have now made the limited white vinyl edition of Motorpsycho´s "The Death Defying Unicorn" available for order. The black vinyl and CD editions of the extraordinary Stian Westerhus album can also be ordered now.

New releases vinyl bundle
We have a couple of very exciting new releases coming up in the shape of the stunning new Stian Westerhus album and Elephant9´s likewise collaboration with Dungen guitarist Reine Fiske. In addition to CD and ordinary LP editions, both these come as limited editions on coloured vinyl. We also have a limited white vinyl edition of Motorpsycho and Ståle Storløkken´s "The Death Defying Unicorn". Only 300 are pressed. Please click here for a special pre-order bundle offer valid until 7th September. They will also be available separately from the day of release.

Supersilent featuring John Paul Jones
Supersilent, with Led Zeppelin legend John Paul Jones in the line-up, go on a five date UK tour in November. You can see the dates on the Tours site and more info is here: http://qujunktions.com

Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus available now
Stunning album recorded at last years Nattjazz festival in Bergen.
More info and orders here.

El Doom & The Born Electric special
World premiere of Norwegian conceptual composer Leif Inge’s new work, a deconstructed minimalist imagining of Metallica’s “Creeping Death” performed for the first time by El Doom & The Born Electric. Cafeteateret (Grønland, Oslo) Friday 9 June.

Espen Eriksen Trio available now
You can now order this very fine album from us. The 2LP vinyl edition that includes their first album and download of both will be available in a couple of weeks.

New Susanna video
See the brand new video for "Wild Horse Wild Dog" from her fantastic new album here.

Susanna´s Wild Dog available for orders
"Wild Dog" has deservedly been getting great reviews in Norway, many hailing it to be her best work so far. You can read more about it and order it by clicking the sleeve at the right hand side. And you can watch her doing a special version of the track "Freeze" with Jenny Hval and Hilde Marie Kjersem here.

Astrïd and Volcano The Bear
Both these very fine releases are now available for orders here at our site.

Motorpsycho vinyl sold out!
The Death Defying Unicorn LP has sold out much earlier than we could have predicted, but no worries, it will be back in stock around 22nd of February.

Three new tracks in the Music Player
You can now check out tracks for the forthcoming albums from Susanna, Astrïd and Volcano The Bear in the listen box to the left.

Susanna at Øya
Susanna is confirmed for the Øya Festival in August.

Tickets for London shows
Jenny Hval and Phaedra have their London debuts at the Borderline on 19th March. Tickets here.
Motorpsycho are back in London, this time at the Garage on 12th April. Tickets here.

Some best of 2011 listings for our releases

Jenny Hval - Viscera
The Liminal
The Milk Factory
Wears The Trousers
The Vine
Head Heritage (Julian Cope)

Phaedra - The Sea
Classic Rock Presents Prog
Chicago Reader
Head Heritage (Julian Cope)
Foxy Digitalis
The Arts Desk
Alex MacPherson

The Last Hurrah!! - Spiritual Non-Believers
Classic Rock Presents Prog


Fire! with Jim O´Rourke - Unreleased?
The Liminal
The Milk Factory

Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Shoot!
Chicago Reader
Classic Rock Presents Prog
Head Heritage (Julian Cope)

 - Roadwork Vol. 4 - Intrepid Skronk
David Fricke, Rolling Stone

Humcrush with Sidsel Endresen - Ha!
The Milk Factory

Head Heritage (Julian Cope)

El Doom & The Born Electric available now
Superb heavy progressive rock from new Norwegian band. Guests include Hedvig Mollestad, Nikolai Eilertsen (Elephant9) and Ståle Storløkken (Elephant9).
Available now on LP and vinyl. On tour with Shining in Norway in January.

New for 2012
There are a couple of new teasers to listen to in the box down to the left. While waiting for their epic new double album in February, Motorpsycho fans and fans of heavy guitar driven prog in general could do worse than check out El Doom & The Born Electric and two new releases from Bushman´s Revenge, all scheduled for January release and all quite fantastic in our humble view.

Vinyl releases update
Elephant9 and Scorch Trio are now in stock and open for orders and shipping. The two EPs are slightly delayed and will be in stock Monday but we have opened these as well. All will be sent as soon as all are in stock. There is just one Collection bundle left so hurry if you´re considering this one.

The Last Hurrah!!´s brilliant debut "Spiritual Non-Believers" has been made best Norwegian album of 2011 in VG, Norway´s biggest newspaper, and Jenny Hval´s sublime debut under her own name, "Viscera", made Uncut´s Top 50 albums of 2011.

Jono El Grande and forthcoming vinyls
The new Jono album is now available to order on CD and LP, with some very nice limited vinyl editions from Elephant9, Scorch Trio, Fire! and The Last Hurrah!! to follow on 9th December. Please go to the artists section for more information on these.

Alog and Deathprod available now
Alog´s super new album "Unemployed" is available now on CD with the expanded 4LP edition following in a week. Also in stock are Deathprod´s essential albums from the mid 90s, "Treetop Drive" and "Imaginary Songs From Tristan Da Cunha", originally issued in 500 copies only.

Albatrosh "Yonkers" CD available now
Having already received 6 out of 6 in a very enthusiastic review in one of Norway´s major newspapers, this very fine album is surely one of the major Norwegian jazz releases of the year.

Hedvig Mollestad Trio available now
Great debut album from very exciting new trio led by young guitarist Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen. With one foot in heavy rock and one in jazz they effortlessly manage to combine monster riffs and high energy rock´n´roll with progressive and lyrical modern jazz. Comes highly recommended!

The Last Hurrah!! cover Pink Floyd in the new Mojo issue
We urge you to check out their quite fabulous take on "The Great Gig In The Sky", the most iconic of Pink Floyd songs, as part of the interpretations of "The Dark Side Of The Moon" that comes free with the current issue of Mojo magazine.

New releases available now are Ha! by Humcrush with Sidsel Endresen and 4CD and 6LP box sets from Fra Lippo Lippi.

Forthcoming releases to look out for are Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Shoot!, Albatrosh - Yonkers and Alog - Unemployed. The latter will also be available in a special 4LP limited edition with 80 minutes of brand new music exclusive for this edition.

Mega summer sale starting now!
Most of the CD titles in the catalogue are now on sale, many of them with a 50% deduction, down to NOK 59.00. This might be your best opportunity ever to fill some spaces in your collection. One of several items is the "Money Will Ruin Everything 2" book/2CD, which is a true bargain at only NOK 99,00.

2 new releases and summer sale
In The Country, currently on tour in USA, release a great live album this Monday. Includes a smashing art/concert film on DVD, making this an excellent value for money package. If you prefer the 2LP vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve, you also get the CD and DVD in neutral sleeves.
A singles compilation from MoHa! will be released as a limited CD edition on 1. July, but you will be able to order it here on Monday. It´s in stock so it will also be shipped straight away.
In a weeks time we will start a summer sale with reduced prices on a number of items, up to 50%. A fine opportunity to fill holes in your collection.

Please note that our mailorder service will be a bit slower from 1. July until mid August, but we will still ship orders at least once a week.

Jenny Hval mini concert on the net
See Jenny´s recent "office" concert for NRK (Norway´s BBC if you like) here. This was the last concert in a new series where a Norwegian artist plays a short set at an office or workplace.

Fire! with Jim O´Rourke + SPUNK DVD available now
Although not yet officially released both of these are now available for orders and shipping. More info when clicking the sleeves on the right.
Please note that the Fire! album also comes as a very limited edition of 100 on red vinyl.

The Last Hurrah!! and Motorpsycho preorder
The Last Hurrah!!´s debut album receives an enthusistic top score review in national paper Dagsavisen today, over 1 1/2 page! You can now order the CD and LP editions here.
We are also taking pre-order for Motorpsycho´s great live album now, this will be shipped so that you have it on the date of release, 8. April.
If you want both titles there is postage money to be saved, especially with the LP editions if you order from outside Norway, and we will send them together. As The Last Hurrah!! is ready to be shipped now, please note that you will have to order these titles separately if you want The Last Hurrah!! straight away. This also applies for the CD editions.
So any title, new or old, that is ordered with the Motorsycho preorder, will be sent together with Motorpsycho.

Susanna album on Grappa
Susanna Wallumrød has a new album out where she has composed music to poems by late modernist poet Gunvor Hofmo. This is the first time Susanna sings Norwegian lyrics on record. Among the musicians on ”Jeg Vil Hjem Til Menneskene” are Ståle Storløkken (Elephant9, Supersilent) and Hans Magnus Ryan (Motorpsycho) whose guitar playing here is truly excellent. This also has a great Kim Hiorthøy sleeve.
You can order this item from us now but since it´s not a Rune Grammofon release it´s not available in the online shop. Please send your order to rune@grappa.no. Payment through Paypal to the same address. Norwegian customers can also pay directly to our bank account.
The price including postage is NOK 165,- (Norway), NOK 175,- (Europe), NOK 190,- (Rest)

New videos from In The Country and Jenny Hval:
In The Country - Kungen
Jenny Hval - Blood Flight
Jenny Hval - How Gentle

Susanna is artist of the week
Susanna Wallumrød is artist of the week on NRK P2 (Norwegian national radio), meaning you get a portrait with interviews and music every day from Monday to Friday at 06.03 and 17.40. You can also listen here.

Phaedra available now
Super debut from Norwegian singer/songwriter available now on CD and LP. Read more about it here.
For those of you in the Oslo area: Release concert at Internasjonalen on 26. January. Doors open at 21.00.

More polls for Motorpsycho
UK prog bible Classic Rock Presents Prog has "Heavy Metal Fruit" at number 10 in their Best Albums critics poll, while eight of their writers have it in their top 20. Two writers also have Elephant9´s "Walk The Nile" in their top 20. The same issue, on sale now, sports a rather enthusiastic review of these bands concert in London last November.

2010 critics polls
Motorpsycho´s monumental "Heavy Metal Fruit" was voted best Norwegian album in Adresseavisa, best in Dagsavisen (eight best international), second best in VG and third best in Dagbladet. It was also voted seventh best album in UK mag Rock-a-Rolla, they also had Ultralyd´s "Inertiadrome" in their Top 30. Ultralyd was also voted best album by one writer in Bergens Tidende. Albums by Elephant9, Puma and Phonophani received honourable mentions in Dagbladet and "Timothy´s Monster" was voted best re-issue.

"Timothy´s Monster" also made David Fricke´s (Rolling Stone magazine) Top 2010 reissues from Under The Radar.

In UK´s Milkfactory we had three albums in the top four, "Supersilent 10" topping the list with Phonophani´s "Kreken" in third place, Stian Westerhus´ "Pitch Black Star Spangled" in fourth and "Supersilent 11" in twelfth. John Kelman in Allaboutjazz has "Supersilent 10" as a favourite in New Jazz, Elephant9´s "Walk The Nile" in Progressive and "Pitch Black Star Spangled" in the Beyond category. Stian Westerhus is a also featured in Kelman´s Best Live Shows with his concert at Nattjazz in Bergen. The same is Motorpsycho´s commissioned piece with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Trondheim-solistene at Molde International Jazz Festival and Supersilent featuring John Paul Jones at the Punkt Festival.

Jono El Grande new album
Available now on CD and LP. If you live in the Oslo area we wholeheartedly recommend his release concert on Tuesday 7. December.

Supersilent 10 on vinyl
This masterpiece is finally available on 180g vinyl, mastered by Bob Katz and cut by Paul Gold. Received a fantastic 8.4 grading in Pitchfork, calling it "the finest and most coherent piece of music they´ve ever recorded".

Money Will Ruin Everything 2
For a limited period of time, until 17. December, we are selling this with a 50% discount! Makes a great Christmas gift.

Two new releases available now
Excellent new releases from Ultralyd and Scorch Trio are now available to order in both CD and LP formats. If you prefer vinyl, please note that postage for both of these is the same as for one.

The Low Frequency In Stereo in London
The Low Frequency In Stereo headline the very popular Ja Ja Ja monthly concert series on Thursday 21st October at the Lexington in Pentonville Road. Tickets prices are ridicilous at GBP 5 (adv) and 6 (door) and these events are known to be very popular. If in London we advise you to check them out as they are a great live band.

Fire! with Jim O´Rourke
Our Swedish friends have just done some concerts with Jim O´Rourke in Japan and you can see two clips of the performance at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo here.
They also took the opportunity to do a couple of studio recording sessions together and the results will appear on Rune Grammofon next year. Rumour has it things went really well so we can´t wait to hear the finished mixes. Stay tuned.

Jubilee releases available now
Our 100th release, "Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep", is now available to order as 2LP or CD and to pre-order as a super limited box set.
Go here for ordering, track list and more information about the different formats. Please note that there´s no need to order the CD and 2LP editions if you order the box set as these are already a part of the set.

New music in the music player
Finally some new music to check out in our Listen box. New tracks are from the soon to be released "Twenty Years Of Stony Sleep" album (Jenny Hval and Maja Ratkje) and from forthcoming releases from Ultralyd and Scorch Trio.

Supersilent with John Paul Jones on bass
John Paul Jones made a surprise appearance with Supersilent at the Punkt festival in Kristiansand this Saturday. The Led Zeppelin bassist played a full set with the band and yes, it was recorded as well...

Supersilent bonanza
Already receiving top reviews in Norway, the quite superb "Supersilent 10" is now available. Please note that it will also be released as an audiophile vinyl album on
27. September. This is also the release date for the equally great "Supersilent 11",
the first vinyl only release from the band. Both of these can now be pre-ordered,
good for cheaper postage when shipping together.

Motorpsycho and Elephant9 London show
In what can only be described as a solid power package from Rune Grammofon we are proud to present these excellent bands in association with Mean Fiddler.
The date is Wednesday 24. November at The Borderline. Capacity 275. Tickets here: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk

Timothy´s Monster shipping
We are sending out the Norwegian pre-orders on Friday, so you should all have it by Monday, the official release date. It´s a real beauty, by the way.
Some overseas order have already been shipped, some will follow on Friday.

Timothy´s Monster open for pre-orders
This great 4CD box set is now open for pre-orders at this site. Not only do we have the lowest price, you will also get it quickest from us.

Great releases for August
Not that we want summer to pass quickly, but we have three fabulous releases scheduled for August. First out will be a grand 4CD edition of Motorpsycho´s early masterpiece ”Timothy´s Monster” from 1994. It should be ready in time for the Øya festival, more details to follow. Next up will be ”Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep”, our release number 100, featuring 13 exclusive gems from ”old”, more recent and new artists. This is the best compilation we have done and features some quite excellent tracks. In addition to CD and 2LP editions, this will also come as a very special edition in only 100 copies. Finally, Supersilent are back with ”10”, the very first recordings they did as a trio. Made at Oslo´s famous Rainbow Studio, it´s the most acoustic offering from the group and features some of the best music we´ve ever heard from the band. And there´s more to follow later in the year.

Phonophani CD and special limitied edition available now
The fourth, and best, album from Norway´s most original and inventive electronica musician. Also available as a special collectors edition limited to 250 numbered copies. This includes the ordinary cd in it´s full digipack sleeve and a 10” vinyl record with two exclusive tracks only available here. Packaged in a special cardboard envelope. This one might sell out before it´s available through international distribution channels and you will not find it cheaper elsewhere.

Arne Nordheim RIP
It was with great sadness we received the news that composer Arne Nordheim was dead at the age of 78, after several months of illness. I had the privilige to work closely with him on two occasions, first in 1997 when I approached him regarding the idéa to collect his major, groundbreaking electronic works for the release to be called ”Electric”. The meetings with the great man were nothing but pure joy, and I will always remember his youthful curiousity and enthusiasm, his playfulness, his funny anecdotes and him generally brimming with good idéas presented in highly articulate ways. With his death an era in Norwegian music is over, but his legacy will live on for a very long time.
 Rune Kristoffersen, June 5, 2010

Rune Grammofon "Label in Residence" at Moldejazz
We are delighted to announce that Rune Grammofon will be ”Label in Residence” at this year´s Moldejazz. The festival celebrates it´s 50th year as Rune Grammofon reaches the 100th release, and it´s the first time in their history they invite a label in this way. There will be an extensive sleeve exhibition at the local art center as well as an integrated shop, and there will be concerts from RG artists and affiliates including In The Country, Puma, Stian Westerhus with Sidsel Endresen, Bushman´s Revenge, Espen Eriksen Trio, Biosphere with Nils Petter Molvær and a special commisioned work from Motorpsycho and Ståle Storløkken (Supersilent, Humcrush, Elephant9) including Trondheim Jazz Orkester and Trondheimsolistene.

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra´s debut album available on vinyl!
"List of Lights and Buoys", their excellent debut album from 2004 has aged extremely well and sounds just as fresh today, including "Jolene", "Believer" and nine other gems. This 180g audiophile edition was mastered by Helge Sten and cut by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in New York and sounds fantastic. Different sleeve image to that of the CD edition.

Motorpsycho "The Visitant" 7"
This is not a Rune Grammofon release but we are getting 50 copies from Stickman Records. To order send an email to rune@grappa.no with "MP order" in the subject and state how you want to pay. International orders are Paypal only, Norwegian orders Paypal or bank transfer. Prices including postage is NOK 94,- (Norway), NOK 109,- (Europe), NOK 134,- (Rest). We will be able to ship next week unless the transport strike gets problematic. First come first served, one copy for each customer.

Puma and Stian Westerhus available now
Both these fine additions to the catalogue are now available here, in both CD and LP editions.

Motorpsycho Øya date confirmed
Motorpsycho is confirmed to end this years festival on Staurday 14. August.

Bushman´s Revenge available now
The excellent new album from this young trio combining the freedom of jazz with the energy of rock is now available from this site on CD and LP with striking cover art by Kim Hiorthøy.

Motorpsycho / Supersilent limited t-shirts
These supreme quality t-shirts were sold at the recent Norwegian tour. Actually that is not entirely true, as only the black one made it to the tour. The light blue one was only manufactured in an edition of 50 and is only available from this site. So this one is a real collectors item. We also have 50 copies of the black one for sale. The design is by Kim Hiorthøy. First come first served, no reservations, only one shirt each (you may order both colours). Please also note that the blue shirt illustration is not correct.

Click here to order.

Bushman´s Revenge tracks at our music player
You can now check out two tracks from "Jitterbug", the quite excellent, new Bushman´s Revenge album due out in late April. Ståle Storløkken is guesting on organ.

Motorpsycho in Jazznytt and Norway Rock Magazine
There´s a five page spread on Motorpsycho in the Norwegian jazz magazine as well as an ecstatic review from the editor. There are also interesting Top 10 albums from each member, Bent´s however goes to 11, naturally... Also there´s a pretty good six page interview in Norway Rock Magazine as well as a top, 6/6 review.
And if you don´t already know it, "Timothy´s Monster" has been voted the album to be performed at the Øya Festival in August.

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra video
The brand new, quite excellent "Someday" video can now be seen here. Check it out!

Rune Grammofon at by:Larm
The annual music business festival will take place in Oslo 18-20 February. There will be a Rune Grammofon evening at Mono on 18. February with Bushman´s Revenge and Elephant9. Elephant9 will certainly play from their brand new album, and Bushman´s Revenge will preview some new material from their excellent new album to be released in April. It will be possible to buy their LPs and CDs. Susanna and the Magical Orchestra and Supersilent also have concerts, check the Tours link for details.

On Friday 19. February there will be special instore performances from Susanna and the Magical Orchestra (16.00) and Bushman´s Revenge (17.00) at the Big Dipper record store. The artists are also available for signing of records.

Kick Ass Merchandise will have an exhibition of Motorpsycho merchandise at Royal Christiania, the festival hotel. They will also sell Motorpsycho vinyl and cds released
by Rune Grammofon, including the brand new 7".

Vinyl bonanza + Motorpsycho 7”
Because of overwhelming demand we have pressed another 300 copies of Elephant9´s great debut album. This is the same as the first edition, white vinyl and the same fantastic gatefold sleeve. Order it here.

The same goes for the Shining two-pack, 300 copies, but this time on white vinyl.
Both the original Rune Grammofon releases are included in full and the sleeve is the same as with the first edition. Order it here.

For international customers it´s smart to order these at the same time as they are just under 1 kg and will save you good money on postage. But please note that even one cd in addition will make it over 2 kg and much more expensive. The difference in postage for Norwegian customers is smaller.

Please also note that on 22. February we will release the new Elephant9 album on both CD and LP and the first Motorpsycho 7” for quite some time. This is a shorter version of X-3 (Knuckleheads In Space) b/w I.C.U (Boinganoid), an outtake from the HMF sessions, and comes in a Kim Hiorthøy picture sleeve. Please note that this little beauty comes in a limited edition of 1000 copies for the world and only on Rune Grammofon. Please don´t email us orders, these will be ignored. We will accept pre-orders soon.

Motorpsycho to play your favourite album at the Øya Festival
Yep, it´s official. You can now vote for your favourite, or most desirable, Motorpsycho album to be played in its entirety as a one-off at Oslo´s Øya Festival in August. This will be an exclusive concert and the only one of its kind that the band is planning. The members themselves have chosen the fifteen alternatives to vote for. The status of the voting will be published on the Øya site every Monday and the poll closes on Monday 8. March at 23.59. Click here to vote now:


Motorpsycho in Rock-a-Rolla
Look out for a very nice four pages spread and fine interview with Bent in the new issue of UK magazine Rock-a-Rolla. Plus a news flash next week that will have fans from all over trekking to Oslo this summer. Stay tuned.

Shipping update
We managed to ship all vinyl pre-orders today, the rest is up to the postman... Please don´t ask us about tracking numbers unless several days have passed.

Heavy Metal Fruit shipping
We shipped CDs on Thursday for those who only ordered this edition. The vinyl edition will be in stock in Norway on Monday, if the truck stays on the road, and we will try our very best to ship all pre-orders the same day. The delay is due to the special sleeve taking longer to manufacture than expected. The reason Stickman had some copies for their mailorder before the weekend is that the pressing plant is in Germany so the shipping distance is shorter. But I doubt Norwegian customers would get it quicker from Stickman, for the very same shipping reasons. Anyway, I believe most of you will consider it worth the wait when you see and hear it.

And before you, as you traditionally would, start by putting on Side A for a spin, please note that the etching is on Side A!

Motorpsycho pre-orders
As you will see, we now accept pre-orders on both cd and vinyl editions. We will not charge your card until your order is ready to ship. Please note that no matter what shipping date various mailorder outlets will operate with, you will get it quickest from Rune Grammofon and Stickman for the simple reason that we are the first to have it in stock. And we will have it in stock at the same time and start shipping at the same time.

End of the sale
We will end the sale we have been running since summer at the end of the year. Some of the items go back to their normal price and some will get a permant "nice price", but nowhere near the NOK 49,- tag. So if you want to get some of these titles at a very low price, this is your final chance. Please also note that the last shipping date before Christmas is Tuesday 22. December. 

TLRC art prints
The very fine Cyborgic and Galore art prints, both printed in hand numbered editions of only 50, are now available. These are finer prints and much more exclusive than ordinary posters and are excellent Christmas gifts. The size is 50 x 70 and perfect for framing.

Brand new Motorpsycho in January!!!
Our next release is a brand new Motorpsycho album titled "Heavy Metal Fruit", being their third album in under 2 years! We are full of repect for a band that can reach such a creative peak after 20 years, and can confirm that this album is a real killer... We can also confirm that it will be available on CD and vinyl.

Runeology 4
This sampler is now free with all orders over NOK 100,- including postage. There are one track from all 2009 releases as well as one track from the remarkable forthcoming album from Elephant9, as well as debutant Espen Eriksen Trio. Please add this to your order in the ordinary way, as we might not always remember to include one.
Please also note that Susanna and the Magical Orchestra´s "3" will be released on vinyl 16. November.

CTO + SATMO vinyl + Runeology 4
The extremely fine triple treat from Circulasione Totale Orchestra is now available here at a very nice price. Comes in an eight page digipack with beautiful artwork from Kim Hiorthøy.

The vinyl version of Susanna and The Magical Orchestra´s new album "3" now finally looks to be released around mid November. Comes as a double 180 g cut at 45 rpm from the original 24/96 masters for the best possible audio performance, all packaged in a handsome gatefold sleeve and including free mp3 downloads.

At around the same time we will also have the Runeology 4 sampler available for free when purchasing other items from the catalogue. It features tracks from all 2009 releases as well as a couple of tasters for 2010. Stay tuned.

Finally, a very good and rare interview with Ståle Storløkken (in English) from Supersilent, Elephant9 and Humcrush is now online here.

Supersilent 9 available now
This excellent addition to the Supersilent catalogue can now be ordered. For those in and around the Oslo area, please note the release concert at Betong on Wednesday 7. October with Huntsville and The Low Frequency In Stereo. Don´t miss this great lineup. Records from the artists will be sold at the venue.

Fire! and Susanna and the Magical Orchestra available now
Both these excellent new additions to the catalogue can now be ordered from this site. Fire! is available in both CD and LP formats.

Pre-orders active now!
We are now accepting pre-orders for the vinyl editions from Motorpsycho and Fire!. Please note that the Fire! album has a release date a few days later than Motorpsycho. If you pre-order both you will save a lot on postage, as we will send them in one package for the same postage as with one LP. But then we can not guarantee that you will get them by 7. August. If you only pre-order Motorpsycho we will send it out so you have it on the release date or very close to it, depending on where in the world you live.

Motorpsycho + Fire! pre-orders
By Monday 20. July we will accept pre-orders for Motorpsycho´s vinyl only "Child Of The Future" album. If you want the vinyl edition of Fire! as well, to save postage, you may pre-order this at the same time. The postage is the same for two vinyls as for one. Fire! is Mats Gustafsson (The Thing), Johan Berthling (Tape) and Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums), you can check it from the artist link. Please note that it´s not necessary to pre-order these, all who order from us are guaranteed to get both releases as early as possible.

Big summer sale
Starting on 1. July but available to order from now on, we will have our first ever sale. There are several titles available, most of them at the silly price of only NOK 49,00.
If you have some holes in your collection this will be the perfect time to fill them without breaking your back. It might also be the last opportunity to get these releases with their original sleeve and artwork. You will find the relevant titles at the List Of All Releases link at the bottom of the Arists section.

Archetti / Wiget out now
The sublime and beautiful electroacoustics from this Swizz duo are now available in the shape of ”Low Tide Digitals III”.

Money Will Ruin Everything first edition surprise discovery!!
A previous distributor recently ”discovered” around 50 copies of the first edition of this much sought after and virtually impossible to find book/2cd collection. These can now be ordered here. All copies are new, shrinkwrapped and complete with 2 cds. First come first served, this is the last opportunity to get them at an ordinary price.

TLRC limited edition t-shirt
We have made a limited edition of only 50 TLRC t-shirts. Very exclusive indeed and not something you will see everyone wear this summer. Sizes are in S, M and L with most in M.

Motorpsycho vinyl only release
"Child Of The Future" has been delayed due to the special sleeve requirements. New release that is 7. August and we promise you it will be well worth the wait. We didn´t want anything less than extraordinary for this excellent album. More soon...

Palpatine´s Dream digital single available now
This can now be bought most places such as iTunes and Platekompaniet. Taken from Susanna and the Magical Orchestra´s forthcoming album "3", scheduled for release on 24. August.

Summer 2009
We are shipping orders placed through this site all summer, but please note that service might be a tad slower than normal. But we will ship at least once a week.
The brand new Motorpsycho vinyl only release is a bit delayed due to the spectacular design work, but we hope it will be ready for release on 26. June. As soon as we can confirm a date, we will open for pre-orders. 29. June will se the third and final(?) installment in Archetti and Wiget´s excellent and sublime "Low Tide Digitals" series.
In August we will release the stunning debut album from Swedish supergroup Fire! consisting of Mats Gustafsson (The Thing), Johan Berthling (Tape) and Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums), but don´t expect anything like those three groups! And of course the long awaited third album from Susanna and the Magical Orchestra which is well worth the wait, we promise...

In The Country available now
The epic third album from In The Country is available for orders now. Comes in the shape of a digipack CD edition and a lavish 2LP set on white vinyl with another stunning gatefold sleeve designed by Kim Hiorthøy.

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra video online now
Check out the great new video of "Palpatine´s Dream" here, the first taster from their excellent new album due out in late August.

SPUNK album available now!
The very fine and brand new album "Kantarell" is now available. Read more and order it here.

Brand new Motorpsycho album only on vinyl!
Celebrating 20 years: At the beginning of June, Motorpsycho will be releasing "Child Of The Future", on vinyl only with no download option. It consists of seven songs recorded last year with Steve Albini at his studio in Chicago and which they recently finished recording and mixing in Norway. So if you are in the unlikely position of not owning a record player, this is the time to do something about it.

Brand new track from Susanna and the Magical Orchestra on Myspace now
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra´s much awaited new album "3" is scheduled for release on 24. August. You can check out the track "Palpatine´s Dream" here. For those of you who can attend, we recommend their special concert in Sofienberg church in Oslo where they will perform "Melody Mountain" from beginning to end on 6. May. They will also preview a couple of tracks from the forthcoming abum.

Susanna on tour with Bonnie Prince Billy
By personal invitaton Susanna will play support to Bonnie Prince Billy on all his 10 European dates in April. Details here.

Rune Grammofon action in The Wire + Jono El Grande + posters in stock
The April issue of The Wire has a rare interview with Susanna and great reviews of Bushman´s Revenge and Money Will Ruin Everything 2. The free CD (The Wire Tapper 21) also includes the title track from Jono El Grande´s new album "Neo Dada", which you can buy from us now. We can not recommend "Neo Dada" strongly enough and if you´re generally a fan of progressive music it´s simply a must. The vinyl edition will be available in a weeks time. Speaking of Jono, you can also order the fantastic poster as well as other posters here. As always, all artwork is by Kim Hiorthøy.

Bushman´s Revenge and new posters in stock
The highly recommendable "You Lost Me At Hello" is now available to order, both in cd and vinyl formats. The vinyl comes with free mp3 download. There´s also a poster available of this as well as a Susanna concert poster. The Low Frequency In Stereo poster will be available soon.

Look out for the absolutely brilliant "Neo Dada" album from Jono El Grande, scheduled for release on March 9.

The Low Frequency In Stereo and Susanna Japanese edition available now
You can now order "Futuro" in cd and vinyl formats. We also have a limited supply of Susanna´s "Flower Of Evil" available in a Japanese mini lp cd edition.

The Low Frequency In Stereo
Their new album "Futuro" is first out next year, on January 12. In the meantime you can check out their brand new video of the track "Starstruck" here. This is the most poppy effort from "Futuro" and not fully representative of the album.

2009 looks to be a great year, in addition to "Futuro" there are some excellent releases coming up from Bushman´s Revenge, Jono El Grande, Spunk, In The Country, Circulasione Totale Orchestra, Susanna and the Magical Orchestra and more.

Money and Susanna pre-orders accepted now
We don´t normally offer pre-orders and we don´t open up releases for sale until they are actually in stock. However, we would like to make an exception now due to Christmas and a couple of late incoming products. You may now pre-order the Susanna vinyl edition and the Money Will Ruin Everything book/2cd. We have also adjusted the weight and postage values on these items so that you can save postage if you want to buy more than one item. If you pre-order we will send all in one package as soon as the final item is in stock. Both these items are expected early next week. Please note that if you want items to be shipped individually, you also have to make individual orders. Payment will be reserved but not charged until we ship.

Money Will Ruin Everything 2 + Humcrush
The overdue 10 year anniversary book and 2 cd set will soon be available and is set for release 8. December. Much more than an updated version, this is practically a whole new book, far superior to the first edition. More information here.

The sublime new Humcrush album "Rest At Worlds End" will be released on cd 1. December with the extended vinyl edition to follow shortly after.

We are unfortunately experiencing some unforseen technical problems with the vinyl edition of Susanna´s "Flower Of Evil" but hope these are sorted soon.

Susanna and In The Country at King´s Place in London
Unfortunately there have been som misleading information out there regarding the line-up of this concert to take place on Sunday 16. November. Please note that Susanna is performing with her regular band of Helge Sten (guitars) and Pål Hausken (drums). In The Country are Morten Qvenild (piano), Roger Arntzen (bass) and Pål Hausken (drums) and will perform mostly new material. We have seen this double bill a couple of times this year and it comes highly recommended.

Susanna´s "Flower Of Evil" available on CD now!
We´ve had a slight delay with this one, but it´s now finally available for order. The vinyl edition will be available in two weeks time, but is definitely worth waiting for. This is an excellent album from start to finish, twelve sublime cover versions and two Susanna originals with Bonnie "Prince" Billy guesting on two tracks. If you have enjoyed her previous albums, this one is a must, if you´re new to Susanna this is as good a place to start as any. Highly recommended!

Listen to Susanna with Bonnie "Prince" Billy
You can now hear Susanna´s version of Thin Lizzy´s Jailbreak from her forthcoming album "Flower of Evil". Guest vocal by Bonnie "Prince" Billy. Listen here.

Double CD from Huntsville available now
CD 1 is a brand new studio recording and CD 2 a live recording featuring Nels Cline and Glenn Kotche from Wilco. Read more and order it here.

New MoHa! album available now on CD and vinyl
The exhilarating new MoHa! album is now in stock. Order the CD here and the limited edition LP here.

Hilde Marie Kjersem and new Japanese editions available now
The first release after a short summer break is available to order now. You can see a video from Hilde Marie Kjersem´s album here.

We also have some Japanese replica editions of the Box album as well as the latest Scorch Trio album, which comes as a double cd with the same bonus tracks as the vinyl edition.

Mailorder during summer
During summer and until mid August, our otherwise quick mailorder service will at certain times be a bit slower. But we will ship at least once a week.

In mid August we will release "A Killer For That Ache" by brilliant singer and songwriter Hilde Marie Kjersem, to be followed later in the year by new releases from MoHa!, Huntsville (with some very special guests), Susanna (solo) and Humcrush (live). We also plan to finally release "Money Will Ruin Everything 2". More information later.

Elephant9 available now + MoHa! 7" single
The debut album fom this great new trio is now available to order on CD and ltd edition LP (fantastic gatefold sleeve and white vinyl).

We are also rushreleasing our first ever 7" vinyl single in time for MoHa!´s 12 date UK tour, see Tours section for details. Containing two brand new songs it´s a taster of what their next album, due out in September, will sound like, but they will not appear on the album. 500 copies are pressed on white vinyl and only 300 are made available for regular sales here and through our distributors. We will open it for sales on Tuesday 27, so if you want both this and the Elephant9 vinyl there´s postage to be saved if you wait until then.

Huntsville concert
Hear Huntsville live from last years Punktfestival here.

Motorpsycho Collectors Offer and Limited Multicolour Vinyl available now!
We have pressed up 500 copies with so called multicolour splatter vinyl. Because of the way these are produced each vinyl record is unique. The cover is the same as with the black vinyl version, 350 g cardboard and black inner sleeves. We will not re-press this edition. Needless to say, this edition is a real collectors gem and it might be a good idea not to dwell too long! We have an even more limited T-shirt that you can buy in a bundle with the vinyl at a reduced price. The T-shirt is also available individually.

New Scorch Trio album available now!
Both cd and vinyl editions can be ordered from this site now. This is NOT the live album previously announced and presented on Runeology 3, but a spanking new and thrilling studio recording. Please note that the double vinyl edition include 4 tracks (33 minutes) not on the cd. It´s limited to 500 copies and comes in a gatefold sleeve.

Supersilent and Motorpsycho at Roskilde
We are happy to announce that both Supersilent and Motorpsycho are confirmed for the Roskilde Festival in Denmark at the beginning of July.

Motorpsycho vinyl sold out!
But don´t panic, more will be in stock early next week.

Motorpsycho CD available for order
You can now order the CD edition here.

Shining vinyl and Motorpsycho vinyl pre-order
You can now order the limited (500 only) double Shining vinyl edition and pre-order the Motorpsycho double vinyl edition. As you know, those double vinyls are heavy and postage is high. By shipping these two editions in the same package the postage will be the same as sending only one, meaning there´s plenty to save. If you don´t mind waiting a little for the Shining vinyl, we will ship both so that you receive them around the time of the German Motorpsycho release on 28. March. Your payment will be reserved but not charged until we ship.

We are not taking pre-orders on the Motorpsycho cd but will make it available for order so that you will receive it by 28. March or thereabout.

Motorpsycho teaser
Have enjoyed myself reading comments about the new album on the net. We´re happy to inform you that "Little Lucid Moments" is classic Motorpsycho. Epic and energetic with a live feel and yes, no need to worry, it rocks! No additional musicians, the playing is great and excellent new drummer boy Kenneth Kapstad has lifted them to a new level, we kid you not. And Kim has done a mighty fine job with the sleeve, wait til you see the inside gatefold. Speaking of gatefold, the double vinyl edition comes with 180 g vinyl and 350 g extra thick cardboard. Happy so far?

Skyphone album available now
This beautiful album is now in stock and you can order it here.

Shining t-shirts and vinyl
Those very fine black t-shirts designed by New York cult designer Seldon Hunt are now back in stock in most sizes. You can order them here. We are no longer able to supply the white t-shirts. The double vinyl edition is now set for release on 10. March.

Norwegian Grammy to Kari Rønnekleiv and Ole-Henrik Moe!
Our warmest congratulations for a most deserved prize in the Contemporary Music category for their excellent double cd "Ciaccona / 3 Persephone Perceptions" (RCD2068).

Motorpsycho + Skyphone + Shining collectors vinyl 
We are thrilled to announce that we will release the new album from Motorpsycho, our favourite Norwegian rock band, in Scandinavia, UK, France and USA.
Release date for ”Little Lucid Moments” is 31. mars and it will be available on CD and double vinyl LP. The album is produced by Helge Sten and Bent Sæther and was mixed by Jørgen Træen.

On 25. February we will release the beautiful second album by Danish trio Skyphone. Titled ”Avellaneda”, it further explores the spaces between acoustic instrumentation and warm electronics.

Sometime in March we will also release a strictly limited collectors edition pairing the two Shining albums on Rune Grammofon as a double vinyl set.

Box CD and LP available now
The first and very exciting release of 2008 is now available. Comes highly recommended. Order here.

General price reduction
We have reduced our price on regular CDs from NOK 139 to NOK 119 with the message that the best way to support Rune Grammofon is to buy directly from us.
We offer secure payment, fast delivery and safe packaging. Vinyls are sent in solid cardboard, not the envelopes that break in the corners. Effective now.

Food album available now + 2008 preview
The new Food album is in stock and can now be ordered, please click on the sleeve to the right.

First out in January next year is Box, something of an international supergroup, featuring Raoul Björkenheim (Scorch Trio), Ståle Storløkken (Supersilent, Humcrush), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, John Zorn) and Morgan Ågren (Zappa´s Universe, Mats / Morgan, Flesh Quartet). More information to follow.
To celebrate 10 years there will also be an updated version of "Money Will Ruin Everything" with 2 cds of new and mostly exclusive tracks from most RG artists.
New albums from Skyphone, Scorch Trio and Humcrush are in preparation for spring release, with new albums from Arve Henriksen, Susanna, Huntsville and Jono El Grande are scheduled for the autumn. Plus a couple we can´t announce yet. So there´s plenty to look forward to.

Shining T-shirts for sale
We have some very nice T-shirts for sale here. Please note that the initial supply is quite limited, so you might want to be quick to make sure. We can also get you the white T-shirts as seen on www.shining.no, please send us a mail if you want to order these white ones.

Shining nominated for Alarm award and on tour with Enslaved
Shining are once again nominated for an Alarm award in the jazz (!!) category for their album "Grindstone". The Alarm award is an alternative to the Norwegian Grammy award (Spellemannprisen). Supersilent are also nominated for "8" in the same category. You can vote ("stem på") for them here.

Shining are going on a European tour with metal bands Enslaved and Keep Of Kalessin. Details on the Tours page. 

New releases available now + poster and t-shirts
Ole-Henrik Moe´s two long pieces for solo violin are now available from our shop in the form of a double cd at a very agreeable price. Click the sleeve on the right for more information or to order. Also available at a special low price is Runeology 3, covering recent and forthcoming releases.

We now have a Susanna poster available, based on the cover artwork for ”Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos”. Please go to the bottom of the artist link and click posters for information and ordering. Or click here.

The very popular Supersilent t-shirt is available again in sizes small, medium and large. Please go to the bottom of the artist link and click t-shirts for information and ordering.

Supersilent 8 is available now
And you can order it here.

Norwegian release concerts:
18.09 Supersilent (Blå, Oslo)
19.09 Supersilent w/Nils Petter Molvær and Terje Rypdal (Blå, Oslo)
20.09 Supersilent w/Hans Magnus Ryan and Bent Sæther (Blå, Oslo)
21.09 Supersilent (Sardinen, Bergen)

Susanna album available now
Susanna´s excellent solo debut "Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos" is available to order from our secure store now. We can also confirm the release concert taking place at Blå in Oslo on August 29.

Shining at Øya and videos on the net
Shining are playing our favourite festival, Øya (in Oslo), on Wednesday 9th.
You can watch their brand new Winterreise video here, with a special prologue here. You can see them record their version of the King Crimson classic "21st Century Schizoid Man" here. The recording took place at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Holiday season
Please note that until mid August the mailorder service will occasionally be a bit slower than normal.

Forthcoming Susanna and Supersilent releases, Runeology 3
We are delighted to inform you that the first solo album from Susanna (from Susanna and the Magical Orchestra) will be released on 20. August. Titled "Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos" and produced by Deathprod, it contains 12 beautiful new songs written by Susanna.

The longawaited new studio album from Supersilent, titled "8", is finally scheduled for release on 17. September. We promise you a magnificent piece of work, well worth the wait.

"Runeology 3" will be given away to all subscribers to The Wire with the September issue, so if you´re not already a subscriber this might be a good occasion to finally become one. It contains recent and forthcoming tracks. 

All vinyl editions available now
Alog, MoHa! and Ultralyd vinyls are all in stock and available to order now.
There are only 500 of each. Big savings on postage if you order all three at the same time.

MoHa! and Ultralyd cds + Alog double vinyl edition available now!
These three items are now in stock and available to order directly from us.
More information about MoHa! and Ultralyd by clicking on the sleeves to the right.
The ”Amateur” vinyl edition is a double set and strictly limited to 500 copies.
It comes in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve. The vinyl editions of MoHa! and Ultralyd are expected to be in stock the last week of May. 

Alog´s new album and two May releases

The much anticipated and quite excellent new Alog album "Amateur" will be released 23. April on cd and as a limited double vinyl edition. Many have been waiting for this, and you won´t be disappointed! Needless to say, it comes highly recommended.

In late May we will have a double release, MoHa!´s new scorcher "Norwegianism" will be released at the same time as Ultralyd´s "Conditions For A Piece Of Music". Ultralyd is Anders Hana (guitar) and Morten J. Olsen (drums) from MoHa! as well as ace sax player Kjetil Møster and Noxagt bassist Kjetil D. Brandsdal. Ultralyd is nothing like MoHa!  and can possibly be described as a kind of slow contemporary chamber rock. Quite unlike anything else. Both albums will be available on cd and limited edition vinyl. 

Opsvik & Jennings album available now
"Commuter Anthems", the fine new album from this Norwegian/American duo can now be ordered here.

Supersilent news
Their first studio album for well over four years should finally see the light of day in late summer or early fall. In the meantime you can check out a recent and rare interview with the whole band in White Heat . And if you haven´t already done so, you can check out Arve Henriksen´s new album "Strjon" where his two Supersilent colleagues Helge Sten and Ståle Storløkken are participating. 

Arve Henriksen´s new album "Strjon" is available now
You can now order this excellent album from us, one week before the official release date.

Next releases are from Opsvik & Jennings with their second album "Commuter Anthems" on March 26 and a new album from Alog towards the end of April. 

Shining album and two more Japanese releases available now
You can now order and receive the excellent new Shining album ”Grindstone” before the official release date. More info if you click the sleeve at the right.

We also have the Japanese edition of the latest In The Country album in stock as well as a special Japanese edition of the  ”Runeology 2” sampler. More info about this if you go to the Various link on the Arists page.

Finally, the new Arve Henriksen album ”Strjon” will be released on 26. February. Collaborators are Helge Sten (Deathprod) and Ståle Storløkken, both from Supersilent. The album is produced by Deathprod. More information will follow.

Special Japanese editions for sale
We now have 15 titles from Supersilent, Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, MoHa!, In The Country, Arve Henriksen, Food, Skyphone, Scorch Trio, Humcrush, Shining and Alog in stock. They come in the so called replica mini lp cd format, meaning they are like a scaled down gatefold vinyl album, beautifully done in hard cardboard. They have been released by our distributor Bomba Records in Japan only, and come with the typical obi strip as well as a 4 page booklet with information in Japanese. This format is known as a collectors phenomenon when it comes to re-issues of vintage albums largely because of the limited editions and faithful reproduction of the original vinyl album artwork. Seven of the titles also come with bonus tracks, please check the artist sites for more details. Available to order now.

Deathprod box set back in stock!
We are very pleased to announce that this great item is now finally back in stock, just in time for Christmas! 

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra video directed by Kim Hiorthøy
Kim has delivered a beautiful performance video of Susanna and the Magical Orchestra´s "Love Will Tear Us Apart". It can be seen the usual places like Youtube , Google and Myspace. You can also pester your local music video broadcaster into putting it on their playlist...

Welcome to our new site!
Finally we are able to offer you secure payment when you order from our site. As before, we accept Visa and Mastercard. Norwegian customers  still have the possibility to use net bank, please check the terms and conditions when you order. As you will see, the site has been restructured around the artists as we feel that this gives a better overview. The ordering procedure is pretty straight forward and you can check terms and conditions after you have started your order. These terms can be viewed after you click checkout. Then you will also see the total sum of the items you have selected, as well as the postage that will be added. At this stage you are still able to change the order in any way you want.

Please note that if you want to be on our mailinglist you have to register, even if you have been there before. 

Hope you like it! 

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