Rune Grammofon

Rune Grammofon is a record label dedicated to releasing work by the most adventurous and creative Norwegian artists and composers.

Being music enthusiasts almost to the point of absurdity, we don't want to limit ourselves to certain genres, as long as there's real heart and personality. With an increasing number of indifferent records bombarding the market place, we modestly aim to recapture the magic connected to the discovery of new artists and buying their records. Our aim is to put love and care into each release, giving it the best possible design and packaging. No plastic, ever. All releases come in the digipak format with exclusive design by brilliant designer Kim Hiorthøy. 

Distribution and wholesale

Norway: Musikkoperatørene (www.musikkoperatorene.no)
UK: Cargo (www.cargorecords.co.uk)
USA and Canada: Forced Exposure (www.forcedexposure.com)
Germany: Cargo (www.cargo-records.de)
Be-Ne-Lux: Konkurrent (www.konkurrent.nl)
Italy: Goodfellas (www.goodfellas.it)
France: Differ-ant (www.differ-ant.fr)
Poland: Multikulti (www.multikulti.com)
Sweden: (www.border.se)
Denmark: Sundance (www.sundance.dk)
Portugal: Flur (www.flur.pt)
Japan: Disk Union (www.diskunion.net)
Taiwan: Node (www.nodeculture.com)
Greece: Recordisc (www.recordisc.wordpress.com)

Retailers that are not served by a local distributor can contact Musikkoperatørene for wholesale terms.


We have an ambivalent view on the matter of downloading. As much as we love the physical products and will continue to concentrate our efforts on making them as treasureable as possible, we don´t want to exclude customers who want to obtain the music as digital downloads. Through our digital distributor Phonofile, most of our catalogue is available in digital form at over 200 outlets including iTunes and Amazon.

At Gubemusic, you can also buy FLAC 16/24 files, including mp3 in the price.


Contrary to popular belief, Rune Grammofon is practically a one man operation, meaning that ”we” have a very limited capacity. We have in the past tried to reply to most emails, but will not be able to continue doing that. Our demo and promo policies are as explained below.


We have limited resources when it comes to serving international media directly. Please contact your local distributor to establish a relation regarding Rune Grammofon. This is simply because it´s most practical and they know the local media situation. If this is a problem, please contact us and explain the situation. But please understand that we simply can´t afford to serve every site and publication in the world.

New demo policy

We are receiving far more demo CDs than we can possibly listen to. Our capacity is very limited and our priority is still Norwegian artists. If you want us to consider your music, please email us a link to soundcloud or a similar site with easy access streaming. Don´t send us files for download, CDs or other physical formats unless we have asked for them. If we like what we hear, we will be in touch. We have no capacity to "review" your music or to give you any advise.

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