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MPLP302 - Motorpsycho: Roadwork Vol. 5 (3LP)

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Black edition on 180g vinyl with two CDs included.

Brand new recordings from the European tour 2017.
Mixed by Andrew Scheps, mastered by Helge Sten.

New drummer Tomas Järmyr had only been in the band for 3 months when "The Tower" was recorded in March 2017, and it was a re-energised band that spent the following summer learning how to play selections from the vast back catalog and getting ready for the tour ahead. Kristoffer Lo (guitar, keyboards, vocals) was added to the line-up for greater flexibility and to stir the pot even more thoroughly. This volume follows in the tradition of the others, by focusing on the improvisational and experimental side of the band, taking bigger collective chances than ever before, re-imagining songs, stretching them, turning them inside out, and taking them places they´ve never been before. There are a number of truly outstanding selections here, cherry-picked by Snah and Järmyr.

Ship Of Fools
Un Chien d´Espace

Released 22.06.18