RALP319 - Motorpsycho: Roadwork Vol. 2 (2LP)

299,00 kr

In 1995 Motorpsycho was invited by Trondheim freebag jazz combo The Source to share stage at Kongsberg Jazz Festival. The band´s psychedelic/kraut/prog-leanings hadn´t taken them as far as jazz yet, not to mention the Ornette Coleman style free jazz stuff The Source were playing, but they were game. This is the result; some 70 minutes of metal overkill, early 70s crypto funk, analog synth hell and some pretty freeform, out there escapades. An early example of Norwegian genre-crossing that still sounds surprisingly fresh 23 years late

Track list
Olemanns Kornett
The Wheel
Finske Skoger
The Golden Core

Released 22.06.18