RLP3037 - Arve Henriksen: Chiaroscuro (LP)

199,00 kr

The white vinyl edition comes in a quantity of only 100.

It´s about time that one of the absolute classics in our catalogue is finally available as a separate vinyl edition (it can also be found in the Solidification box set). Originally released in 2004, "Chiaroscuro" was Arve´s second solo album, it was hailed by critics everywhere and remains one of our most popular releases.

One of this century’s first true modern classics, this 2004 album from Supersilent member and experimental shakuhachi-style trumpet player Arve Henriksen has long been a reference points for jazz music of the most quietly absorbing variety, containing what must surely rank as one of the most beautiful opening tracks of any album in recent memory...
Replete with the breathtaking Opening Image and that beautiful cover art now blown up to 12” x 12”, this gorgeous record is quietly awaiting a slot in any and all collections of contemporary ambient, classical composition…
"Chiaroscuro" ("light and shade") is quite an unbelievable listen - cinematic in a way that defies pastiche, a vast panoramic ocean of sound reduced to the most silent, heart-wrenching string arrangements, samples (courtesy of Jan Bang) and a whispered sweep of barely audible percussion (from Audun Kleive), hovering around Henriksen unique, mesmerising trumpet playing and broken voice.
Boomkat (UK)

If music is measured solely on its spiritual impact, then ”Chiaroscuro” is clearly a strong contender for album of the year. Allaboutjazz (US)

A profound and singularly moving statement. BBC Online (UK)

Certainly, this beautiful CD is the first recording to make me cry in a very long time.
The Wire (UK)

It's an extraordinary record now squatting my cd machine like a gentle dogkicker. Beautiful. Straight No Chaser (UK)

One of the most telling and significant records in new Norwegian music in a long time. Dagsavisen (NO)

I haven´t heard music this beautiful in a long time. A complete, organic, focused expression from beginning to end. 6/6. VG (NO)

Released 05.05.17