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RCD2061 - Arve Henriksen: Strjon (CD)

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On his third and quite brilliant new album, ”Strjon”, Arve Henriksen is joined by his Supersilent colleagues Helge Sten and Ståle Storløkken. Sten has also produced the album. ”Strjon” brings together the various sides of Henriksen, from the zen-like solo pieces of his debut album ”Sakuteiki” to the open-ended melancholia of ”Chiaroscuro” and dark, brooding lyricism of Supersilent. ”Strjon” is the mediaeval name of Arve´s hometown Stryn on the westcoast of Norway, referring to a streaming river or water. The nature around Stryn is fantastic and the changes between winter and summer are quite drastic, from crashing avalanches in steep mountains to calm beauty and majestic tranquility. Some of the music dates back to sketches made by a young Arve Henriksen in these surroundings, later worked on by both Arve himself and Helge Sten.

Release: 26.02.07


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