Arve Henriksen: Chron + Cosmic Creation (2CD/LP/LP)

169,00 kr

Each of the LPs comes in a strictly limited edition of only 100 copies and are only sold here.

Please note that each of these comes in a brown sleeve like those in the Solidification box set.
Meaning that the sleeve illustration above is only for the 2CD edition.
We will put the LPs in extra protective plastic sleeves when shipping.

Chron first appeared as part of the magnificent "Solidification" box set, but has now been made available on its own due to popular demand. The double CD comes with "Cosmic Creation", another new album that in many ways can be considered "Chron"´s twin album. These are true solo albums with Arve playing all instruments, both recorded at home and in various locations, and both showing a part of Arve that is possibly most comparable to his work in Supersilent, the free form group he has been a part of since its formation in 1997. In regards to his solo albums, these two albums are probaby closest to "Strjon", showing the playful explorer manipulating recordings and instruments, mixing the acoustic and the electronic, composing and improvising, being creative and recording ideas the very minute they appear.

Released 10.01.14