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Elephant9 with Reine Fiske: Psychedelic Backfire II (CD/2LP)

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Please note: We only accept one 5LP box set in each order.
If you want more than one set, please make separate orders.
This is due to the weight of the item.

The 5LP box set comes in an edition of 300 numbered copies and includes:
Psychedelic Backfire I on white vinyl, in the gatefold sleeve and with the CD.
Psychedelic Backfire II on white vinyl, in the gatefold sleeve and with the CD.
Psychedelic Backfire III, black LP exclusive to this set, no CD, digital possibly later.
Solid flaplid box individually numbered by hand.

You won´t get your jazz much more grooving or rocking than Elephant9 on a stage. Already established as a vital live favourite on the Norwegian scene before their debut album "Dodovoodoo" in 2008, it was time to properly document this live force after five studio albums. Hence Psychedelic Backfire I and II. Recorded in front of enthusiastic crowds during a four day residency at the intimate Kampen Bistro in Oslo, "Psychedelic Backfire I" shows the trio in full flight while guest guitarist Reine Fiske is a vital presence on "Psychedelic Backfire II". Reine has previously proved a perfect guest for the trio, both on record and on stage. Never one to fight for attention, with Elephant9 he´s a true equal given the opportunity to express himself both as a soloist as well as a rhythm guitarist, his interaction with keyboard player Ståle Storløkken creating some magic sequences. But you can´t build this sort of live reputation without a fantastic rhythm section, bassist Nikolai Hængsle and drummer Torstein Lofthus providing the necessary power and flexibility. Tracks are picked from all their albums, often given lenghty workouts with ample room for improvisation. The concerts were also filmed, so look out for some hi-energy close-up footage on social media and youtube.

Released 31.05.19