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RCD2135 - Panzerpappa: Astromalist (CD)

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Melodic, instrumental progressive rock from this fine band that released their first album back in 2000. Since then they have released three more albums on their own and experienced a growing number of supporters, both in Norway and internationally. Panzerpappa mix the melodic and the complex and can be said to have traces back to the Canterbury tradition and bands like Caravan, National Health, Hatfield & The North, Soft Machine, Camel and even vintage Genesis. Chris Cutler from Henry Cow was probably most precise when describing them as ”melodic, with a light but solid ensemble sound, rich, detailed, nuanced and with a style that is still their own”. ”Astromalist” is their most ambitious and focused release to date with strong tunes all the way and a very rich sound. Comes highly recommended!

Also available as limited vinyl edition with full mp3 download.

Released 12.10.12