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RCD2107 - Phaedra: The Sea (CD)

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This is truly an excellent debut album from Phaedra, a new voice on the Norwegian music scene. In fact, we have not been so taken by a debutant since the appearance of Susanna and her magical orchestra back in 2004. Co-produced by Madrugada´s Frode Jacobsen, ”The Sea” is the kind of classic, timeless music that doesn´t come often these days, a mix of folk and psychedelia with a dash of blues and soul; sacred death hymns and shimmering atmospheres hand in hand with enchanting melodies and crystalline vocals all shrouded in a dark veil of mystery. Maybe the sort of record Joe Boyd would have produced some forty years ago...

Also available on white vinyl with free mp3 download.

Released 24.01.11


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