RCD2103 - Supersilent: 11 (CD)

139,00 kr

Please note that two classic Supersilent CDs, "4" and "6", are back in stock!

Previously released on vinyl four years ago, this is the first time on CD.

Supersilent yet again re-invented themselves with ”Supersilent 8”, an album that to a certain degree explored more abstract and mysterious pathways beyond categories and comparisons. In fact, these sessions turned out to be so fruitful that producer Deathprod finsihed 5 hours of music and at one point considered making it another triple CD. In the end 68 minutes ended up on ”Supersilent 8”, but it was always understood that more of the excellent music that didn´t make it to the final cut would appear in one way or another at a later time, and indeed, here it is, for the first time on CD.

Released 19.09.14