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RCD2032 - Various: Money Will Ruin Everything (book + 2xCD)

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We celebrate 5 years and some 30 albums with a real treat. "Money Will Ruin Everything" is an exquisite 96 page hardback book designed and edited by Kim Hiorthøy with 2 cds of mostly exclusive tracks from the likes of Supersilent, Biosphere, Jaga Jazzist, Food, Deathprod, Arve Henriksen, Alog, Phonophani, Nils Økland, Fe-mail, Information, Lasse Marhaug, Maja Ratkje, Martin Horntveth and many more. The book also has essays by The Wire editor Rob Young and design writer Adrian Shaughnessy as well as an interview with RG´s Rune Kristoffersen.

Released 10.11.03