RLP2050 - Various: Until Human Voices Wake Us And We Drown (5x10")

499,00 kr

Celebrating 50 releases, this collection of 19 tracks from the catalog shows the variation of music we have put out since the first release in January 1998. From the timeless, austere melancholia of Fartein Valen and the pioneering electronic music of Arne Nordheim to the magic pop diamonds of Susanna and the Magical Orchestra and the restless youth improv that is MoHa!, taking in some traditional music, free rock, jazz, ambient, contemporary experiments and various shades of electronica along the way. Some are cornestones in the catalog, but this is not a best of collection, we want to show the different aspects of Rune Grammofon and have tried to give each of the records a common theme or base.

There are five 10” vinyl records, all in their own sleeve with an exclusive Kim Hiorthøy design, as well as a 16 page catalogue, also with special design from Kim and with an overview of the 50 first Rune Grammofon releases. All come in a very nice, solid cardboard box, also designed by Kim. Being limited to 1000 copies, this is bound to be a collectors item in no time, not only because of the limited aspect but also because of the fantastic design work at show, quite possibly some of the finest record design work Kim has ever done. Being a treasured format by vinyl collectors, the 10” is more expensive to manufacture than the ordinary 12”, meaning it isn´t made that often, especially not in a box set like this.

Released 24.04.06