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There is something undeniably imposing about these two pieces.
The Wire (UK)

Veer from the most delicate scrape to full-blown electrical storms, charged and static at once. It's a solitary experience, like staring into shadows looking for flickers of light, and an astonishing technical accomplishment from Rønnekleiv. It's high voltage violin.
Plan B (UK)

This double CD contains some of the most challenging and unclassifiable new music you´re likely to hear anywhere: two 40-minute pieces for solo violin played with intense precision bye Moe´s wife, Rønnekleiv. In practice, it ends up creating an extremely tense sound world ranging from microscopic scrapes and scratches through to manic, feverish stridulations that sound like Rønnekleiv´s trying to saw the violin in half. It's deeply serious, intelligent music but for many it´ll probably be the musical equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard.
Jazzwise (UK)

Brutal squeaking or whirring like a swarm of mosquitoes - the Norwegian Ole-Henrik Moe, 41, is not in the way of favors. This is precisely why his meditations hit the upper limit of violinistic possibilities directly into the listener's nerve center. Moe's wife Kari Rønnekleiv turns the intricate solo works into an acoustic event.
Kulturspiegel (DE)

Has found an interpreter with his wife Kari Rønnekleiv who could also implement these extremely difficult numbers to play ... the listener will be rewarded with a musical experience that cannot be called intensive. Works that go so far that you will never forget them after listening to them once are, after all, a rarity.
Testcard (DE)

Even the dimensions of the time are impressive, indeed awe-inspiring: two works, together for more than 80 minutes. And not for ensemble or orchestra, but for violin solo. Even the beginning of the Ciaccona leaves no (self) doubt: the furiously acting Kari Rønnekleiv pulls the bow over the strings. Moe constantly faces new tasks, takes the instrument to new boundaries. Mo's music is radical. And this radicalism, among other things, is what grabs the listener from the first note and captivates them. Kari Rønnekleiv has successfully engaged with the company. However, she is not just an exceptional violinist. But also Moe's wife.
Dissonance (CH)   (german)    (german)