Reviews 2088

Pressed on heavy white wax and packaged to the very top of Rune Grammofon´s typically hight standards, this vinyl-only artefact is being released at just the right time to celebrate Motorpsycho´s twentieth year of starry-eyed psych-rock activity. Originally a set of power trio jams caught on tape during a brief rest stop at Steve Albini´s Electrical Audio Studios lasr summer, the base riffs and Albini-recorded grooves were subsequently remade into sixties rock dynamite back home in Norway earlier this year. Thanks to this extra effort Child Of The Future has been turned into a West Coast whirl of blue sky soar and strident rainbow colour. Marrying the muscled heftiness of Blue Cheer and Cream with the nimbled-fingered craftmanship of groups like Love and Moby Grape it makes a fitting tribute to the two decades´ worth of hard work this group has put in to date.
Rock-a-Rolla (UK)

Etter en stolt mengde store og mindre plateutgivelser og prosjekter, låter de strengt tatt bedre enn noen gang. De har total kontroll over materien, men er tilsynelatende også på utrettelig musikalsk oppdagelsesferd.
Dagens Næringsliv (NO)