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Bringing the freewheeling derringdo of the finest progressive rock and the exhilarating rush of primal rock´n´roll together is no easy task, but El Doom and his pals exude precisely that kind of inspirational alchemy on their self-titled debut… there is something uniquely thrilling and unprecedented about the way this band hurl themselves bodily into the act of rocking out amid a storm of melodic and rhythm ideas… The glorious truth about this remarkable record is that it´s so perfectly and joyfully balanced: outrageous ingenuity and balls-out aural brawn in perfect harmony.
Prog (UK)

It´s Ole´s finest achievement to date hands down, but its trump card is surely the ace lead work of 60 year old Norwegian jazz guitar luminary Jon Eberson. Explosive and inventive, it adds excitement, spontaneity and class to an already capable and compelling set of tunes that never meander indulgently or forget the importance of savvy songcraft, segueing from jittery, muscular jazz-prog mischief to majestic, windswept rock harmonies. At various points there are hints of Deep Purple, Nick Cave, Clutch, King Crimson, early Soundgarden, The Devil´s Blood and the last Opeth album, but even on the debut ED & TBE sound like no one so much as themselves. 8/10.
Metal Hammer (UK)

Wow, that's an original, strong album. El Doom is the nickname of singer and guitarist Ole Petter Andreassen, who has appeared on almost 20 albums of various bands and artists during his long career, appeared as a producer of Gluecifer or Hellride and was nominated for four Grammys in his home country, by which he cleared two of. El Doom and his team that is all around him seek their salvation in a wild, seventies-heavy mixture of prog, psychedelic, fuzz rock, blues and heavy metal, extremely crisp, heavy, complex and uncompromisingly staged and reminiscent of Baroness. EL DOOM & THE BORN ELECTRIC sweeps you away with its unbridled joy of playing, relatively long songs with surprising and always conclusive twists and turns and an intense atmosphere. The slightly distorted, cool vocals, Hearty guitar salvos, all devastating rhythms, Hammond or Mellotron inserts or horny solo passages result in a harmonious potpourri, which is served in a high-class playing technique. No wonder, since musicians like the well-known, almost 60-year-old jazz player Jon Eberson, the keyboard virtuoso Stale Storlokken and the great drummer Havard Takle Ohr are part of the party. An artistically valuable disc with thick eggs and soul. 6/7. An artistically valuable disc with thick eggs and soul. 6/7. An artistically valuable disc with thick eggs and soul. 6/7.
Metal Hammer (DE)

Ole Petter Andreassen, alias El Doom, should be known to most as a guitarist of the Death´n´Roller The Cumshots or as a producer of bands like Gluecifer or Hellride. In his project EL DOOM & THE BORN ELECTRIC, the Norwegian mixes the alternative of the nineties deeply rooted in classic rock with seventies progressive rock. In the straightest moments, you are reminded of Eleven Pictures from Sweden, who released three highly praised albums in the nineties, but never got beyond the status of an insider tip. However, these straight moments are always surrounded by complex arrangements, intricate rhythms as well as guitar harmonies and solos, the latter crossing the border to jazz or fusion more than once. Thanks to the catchy choruses, “El Doom & The Born Electric ”to please even on the surface. Only when the attention is concentrated does the disc reveal its real class through its high musical standards. 8.5 / 10.
Rock Hard (DE)

Yes, because of the band's name, I was also led to suspect that it was El Doom & The Born Electric and a band belonging to the Doom area. Pressing the play button on my CD player then reveals the truth, which looks like the following: Progressively nested song structures, written by people who obviously have a jazz background, have a very attractive 1970s flair that is not comes into play only through the Hammond organs, but also through the dry, warm sound, meet a singer who is not entirely unlike David Bowie. Ole Petter Andreassen is the name of the singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer and head of this eight-member group from Norway, who in his vita can refer to the fact that he has already contributed to some 20 albums. A wealth of experience that of course has played into his hands skillfully and which makes "El Doom & The Born Electric" a record that is an absolute must for fans of new OPETH, PORCUPINE TREE and Steve Wilson. A record of the year in the Prog area. 9/10.
Ox (DE)

Rune Grammofon can hardly get any closer to old rock than with Ole Petter Andreassen. As EL DOOM & THE BORN ELECTRIC, alongside the brothers Brynjar & Håvard Takle Ohr on guitars and drums, he also has Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen on guitars on the side, which eliminates the cock, but not the pig-rock appeal. Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen on bass and Ståle Storløkken on Hammond, renowned experts from Elephant9 and Supersilent, were brought in to record El Doom & The Born Electric (RCD 2122). The 'Doom' comes from Andreassen's Stoner Rock phase with Thulsa Doom, from 1999-2006 a leg apart from the Death'n'Roll with The Cumshots and the 'Heavy Politically Incorrect Humor Rock' with Black Debbath. Andreassen couples in his vibrator-rich, intense singing excites the timbre of circle singer Mika Rättö back to the early years of his brainstorming & screaming skirt. Bedded on guitars, guitars, guitars. In addition to the three core guitars, jazz great Jon Eberson helps out with two top jobs with his special dexterity. Even with the slower passages, the music sounds like 180. 'With Full Force' is the motto, because if they are not fast, then the Norwegians are intense and prefer 'Subtle as a Shithouse' than lukewarm, rather pathetic with their minds turned up Factor as mere gorgeous. Whereby El Doom spans the 'subtlety'. But if the guitars keep coming out of the phalanx, when Mollestad extends its sharp claws and organizes the Hammond in XXL, then I understand
Bad Alchemy (DE)

Not only the songs of this debut are expansive, but also the line-up of this Norwegian gathering of Norwegian musicians. A total of eight heads from the rock, metal and jazz scene, including jazz guitarist Jon Eberson, the Elephant9 henchmen Nikolai Hængle Eilertsen and Ståle Storløkken as well as two El Cuero-Mucker, produce noble, timeless and above all cliché-free progressive rock, the less with instrumental masturbation, but more to do with extremely clever, playful songwriting and more like "Orange" by Dark Suns, song-oriented King Crimson, or curiously reminiscent of a demetallized version by Vulture Industries, which is probably primarily about the band head, the clammer and the chanteur Oils Petter Andreassen may lie. Prog can hardly be presented more unpretentiously.
Noisy Neighbors (DE)

Hvori Ole Petter Andreassens (Thulsa Doom, The Cumshots) villeste progrock-fantasier realiseres. El Doom & The Born Electric banker som Mastodon, bukter seg som King Crimson og spiller gitarsoler som Steve Hillage. De har dessuten, unikt i progen, en vaskeekte jente på gitar og organ: Ålesundingen Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen. En infernalsk oppvisning av hardrock-riff og bluesy vokal, constantly overraskende og hodetelefonvennlig: Bare folk med innskrenket fantasi trenger å frykte dette. Jo, og så de stadig mer retro-aktiv Opeth, da. He's not virtuoso i by'n. 5/6.

Til debutalbumet he samlet et lytefritt musikerlag som imponerer teknisk og emotivt, mens skivas sju komposisjoner vinner meg over allerede etter første gjennomhøring ... Balan localized elements underveis. "El Doom & The Born Electric er et album uten dødpunkter" ... Ekstra stjerner i boka tilkommer på bakgrunn av de ekstremt gode gitarsoloene. In 2012, he started to fly for norsk rock. 5/5.
Norway Rock Magazine (NO)

Norska El Doom & The Born Electrics debutskiva luras litet, för de flesta medlemmar och gäster på skivan har ett långt ifrån ringrostigt förflutet. Därför blir det här en saliggörande blandning av progressiv musik i King Crimsons (taktartsbytarfrenesi) eller Steve Hillages (guitar sound approx. 1975) efterföljd, gift med den tyngre men inte metalliska med rötter hos Deep Purple och Black Sabbath, tungtållatatatmed, övers ett fynd i en genre som uppenbarligen aldrig står stilla och bara använder sitt arv för att peka på varifrån man kommer, inte vart man ska. 4/5.
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