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Bushman´s Revenge have their tongues firmly in their cheeks on "Never Mind The Botox" while blasting out some rather inspired takes on old favourites. Save for one original (Bushman Rock), it´s a collection of covers, from an approximation of Ornette Coleman´s "Lonely Woman", to relatively faithful reworkings of "Bob Hund´s 115:e Sång", The Police´s "No Time This Time" and Sun Ra´s "We Travel The Spaceways" and Even Helte Hermansen standing in for vocals / sax / other lead-instruments as required with his guitar. But the standouts have to be Pixies´ "Monkey Gone To Heaven" and Black Sabbath´s "War Pigs", the trio turning in some surprisingly effective versions, while Even does his best Ozzy impression on his trusted axe. Nice.
Rock-a-Rolla (UK)

Everything falls together wonderfully in "Lonely Woman": Bushman´s Revenge turns my favorite Ornette Coleman composition into a dark and terrifying vision, emphasizing the piece´s heavy anguish and longing while retaining its central melody - absolutely stunning.
Stereophile (US)