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The group's second album judiciously avoids the abstract and amorphous noodling that characterizes the improvisations of many contemporary piano trios. Instead Eriksen focuses on conveying melody - and does so splendidly via an aching lyricism that brings to mind Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett. Listen out for a daring deconstruction of Barry Manilow's "Could It Be Magic". 4/5.
Record Collector (UK)

With very little in the way of improvisation, and pieces staying around the four-minute mark, this is dinner jazz for the 21st Century - a piano / bass / drums setup playing in a classy Scandinavian style. Some of the melodies are incredibly strong, such as "Dusk Of Dawn", which seems to wander around mulling over a problem before returning to its troubled starting point; Lars Tormod Jenset on bass draws intellingently tuneful counterpoints to Eriksen. 7/10.
Uncut (UK)

A piano-heavy trio. Scandinavia. Clearly jazz. Quiet. Moods, absolutely important. Because the trio of pianists, arrangers and composers Espen Eriksen engages in traditions, but also always looks a little towards pop, i.e. in no way trivial catchiness, then into the lounge, and yet remains very dark, to a certain extent difficult in lightness . Whoever heard a lot of Postrocky from the nineties and listened to bands drifting towards electronics and jazz, no, better, focused, was on the way to the Espen Eriksen Trio. They start on the other side and will never end in noise rock or hardcore. Don't need them either. Then more with the great songs by Michael Franks in instrumental, un-kitschy and melancholic.
De: Bug (DE)

The cheerful melancholic basic tone, the clear melodiousness, the gentle but certain gesture, the reduction to short pieces and the slow to medium tempos make the second album of the Espen Eriksen Trio a classic Nordic record. It bears the calm of the Tord Gustavsen Trio, but is less concerned with “artistic expression”. On the other hand, it reminds of certain phases of EST without reflecting its virtuosity. This simplicity and consistent reflection on melody, melancholy and serenity of playing is characteristic of the Espen Eriksen Trio. It doesn't matter much if the trio covers two pop songs with “We Don't Need Another Hero” (Tina Turner) and “Could It Be Magic” (Barry Manilow). The flow stays the same, the extravagances are leveled, Mood and tempi do not differentiate between jazz and pop. The trio harmonizes excellently and has obviously decided to follow a clear line beyond variation and experimentation. This may lead to a certain monotony, but if you can attune yourself to this flow, you experience a music for contemplation that sounds as calm as contemplative, but never tilts into the esoteric that is pregnant with meaning.
Jazz`N`More (DE)

Med oppfølgjaren til 2010-utgevinga "You Had Me At Goodbye" grunnfestar trioen plassen sin i den rike floraen av pianotrioar som har dukka opp i kjølvatnet av Esbjörn Svensson Trio. Låtskrivar Espen Eriksen og trioen he trotne mot conseptet frå den første plata, der det melodiske og det clarifies and crystal clear uttrykket he i høgsetet ... Det spenner frå det contemplative, mollstemte til det ljose, lette og controllert svingande ... Oslo "he musikalsk post-22 july refleksjon av Eriksen som med tekst kunne gått rett inn i salmeboka ved neste revisjon. Legg a til at produksjonen i all ledd eksemplarisk og eit framsteg frå forgjengaren, sa har a fått med det meste.
Dag og Tid (NO)

Forgjengeren "You Had Me At Goodbye" tok nok noen, includes meg, suffered from senga. Her var det altså en melodiøs pianotrio i slekt med Tord Gustavsen og Bobo Stenson, med et stilsikkert, men neddempet uttrykk, ute på det rabulistiske Rune Grammofon ... Den var gjennomført god, og fikk sterke kritikker over hele Europa. Noe mindre bør ikke trioen forvente denne gang ... Plata inneholder mange vakre øyeblikk av kontemplativ ro, og avsluttes vakkert med en øvelse vi nok kommer til å se mye til fra forskjellig hold: en hommage til Oslo, byen som hått fik sjela en varm summer day i 2011.
Jazznytt (NO)

Espen Eriksen Trio for hand folding to the back of the crazy crazy. Espen Eriksen's triodebut "You Had Me At Goodbye" (2010) ga raskt medlemskap i VIP-klubben for scandinavian jazz trio. The var minimalist, folk-inspired, melodiøst og velspilt fra förste tone. Som det gjerne er i sjangeren… Etter mye festivalspilling, Norges- og Malaysia-turn, flyter trekantsambandet mellom Eriksens piano, Lars Tormod Jensets bass og Andreas Byes trommer lettere enn noensense. Selv om pianoet selvsagt har hovedrollen, fungerer de tre nærmest som ett instrument, på vei mot samme mål om korte, leisurely jazz singer ... uansett betyr det at den funky og litt løsere "Third Step" står enda sterkere ut. Og at the driving "On The Sea" som åpner med håndklapping føles skikkelig rampete. Remains he vakker pianotriohåndverk.
Dagens Næringsliv (NO)

… The Espen Eriksen Trio already offers “simple” fare on “What Took You So Long”. The three Norwegians are very melodic. Espen Eriksen's sparkling piano playing, plus the smoothly sliding grooves and rhythms of his two partners - a relaxing CD full of powerful melodies and two pop hit arrangements is ready, which is never lacking in sophistication.
Bauer newspaper house (DE)

After the successful debut of the Espen Eriksen Trio in 2010, their second work “What Took You So Long” follows. Anyone who knows the first album can be happy, because the jazz trio has remained true to the music and has not strayed from the familiar melancholic sounds. The dominant playing of the piano is supported by the smooth bass lines and the drums and results in a harmonious sound. The Espen Eriksen Trio is also easily accessible to newcomers to jazz thanks to the special composition of their pieces, which are supposed to resemble their structure according to poplids. In addition to eight of her own compositions, there are also two cover versions. The trio takes the speed from the rock ballad “We Don't Need Another Hero” known by Tina Turner and created an atmospheric interpretation. The Norwegians also dared to play Barry Manilow's “Could It Be Magic” - just as skillfully as the whole album. 5/6.
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