Reviews RACD103

A true Norwegian pop jewel, still a pillar in Norwegian pop history. It´s about songs and character, making Fra Lippo Lippi a significant band from a time that is a slightly embarrasing era in the history of music.
Panorama (NO)

One of the eighties best Norwegian albums has been re-issued, and it was about time that Fra Lippo Lippi´s ”Songs” was made available, in it´s original form. 20 years later the synth sounds are a bit dated, but the songs are just as pure, clear and strong. They belong to the eigthies pop canon, but don´t need a nostalgia factor to touch you today.
Dagsavisen (NO)

”Songs” is obligatory for all who appreciate classic pop art in it´s most superior form. A true classic. Wow! 6/6
Tønsbergs Blad (NO)

Musical in a sensational way at a time when ”Norwegian pop of international class” was a concept seldom taken seriously. Beautifully made and surprisingly delicious.

Sounding unique even today, this album is a small milestone in Norwegian music history.
Bergens Tidende (NO)