Reviews RCD2017

One of the top Norwegian guitarists out there. This CD mixes traditional guitar licks with incredible sound abstractions resulting in one of the most unique guitar sounds around. WFMU (US)

"The Sound of the Sun" is a blistering label debut from an electric guitarist who relishes both the full-on power of cavernous, hugely overdriven sounds and the brief intimacy of a contrasting moment or two of rippling lyricism. Think of the fun Hendrix had with processed feedback on Electric Ladyland--and then quadruple the sound processing and multi-layered dynamic factors.
Amazon (UK)

A uniqueness that is not so readily avalable today. A fine balance between sound production and actual playing. It´s liberating to hear new creations from an instrument that surely must be the most cliche ridden in popular music.
Aftenposten (NO)

Breaking down rocks basic principles and letting the fragments meet art music in a most personal and fascinating confrontation. There´s a presence and a sense of magic in the way he lures the tones out of the guitar.
Dagsavisen (NO)

Simultaneously stormy and sensitive, with fusion and noise and folk all rolled tightly together. If you like Keiji Haino, Fred Frith, even Hendrix, etc. etc. you'll like this very much, as I did. Surprise!!
Other Music (US)

A fascinating album that demands full consentration. Infernal blowouts follow new sunbeams in a crystalclear soundscape. Innovative and without compromise.
Extract (NO)

You should recognise Miles´ wildest excursions, maybe you like Supersilent or Deathprods work with Motorpsycho. Or what about Atari Teenage Riot on a wild jazz trip? I feel the sound of the world.
Panorama (NO)

Sophisticated pieces of music from beginning to end, a reference release for many present and future (electric) guitarists.
Farojournalen (NO)

The most inventive and original (Norwegian) guitarist since Terje Rypdal has created a brilliant mixture of solo electric guitar works and improvised sonic abstractions. A must for fans of extreme guitar.
Downtown Music Gallery (US)