Reviews RCD2018

A slow-burning 71-minute adventure in innerspace, an unimaginable realm where ambient meets fusion (the dreaded F-word; Supersilent dig Miles!) meets improv just until the center can hold no longer and I am devastated. Werner Herzog, anyone? Supersilent know their Popol Vuh, too! And while I'm loath to invoke the T-word, in a truly just world Supersilent would be as widely hailed as Tortoise.
Other Music (US)

Norway´s most exciting band, and you hardly find their equal elsewhere, hit you with razorsharp interplay and playful seriousness.
Aftenposten (NO)

They have the atomic powerplant quality and electronic essence of true pioneers. Primitive and rumbling and at the same time utterly sophisticated and refined.
Hear them now!
Natt og Dag (NO)

Electronic, jazz, improvised, artmusic and rock in one shimmering mix. One of Scandinavia´s absolutely best bands. Warmly recommended.
Göteborgsposten (SE)

Both (Supersilent and Phonophani) possess the ability to let you wander off yet find yourself returning to their absorbing textures, becoming an integral part of your environment, as per Eno's definition of ambient. Beware, instant hit music is a barely visible dot on the horizon from this, but if you've got some time and concentration to spare, these are worth spending it on. 8/10.
Wax (UK)

A more improvised affair using real instruments and electronics to create a dark, mutating ambience.
Mojo (UK)

Distinguished by the same heavy, undefinable intensity as Can and Miles Davis "Get Up With It" and pushed forward by a mad and driving power.
Groove (NO )

Original and intelligent improvised music that covers the whole spectrum between noise and silence. Wild and beautiful.
Dagbladet (NO)

Supersilent bring their live magic into your living room; electric, surprising, floating, sharp, stunning and always far from conventional.
Extract (NO)

Yet another beautiful documentation on the creative powers of one of our best groups.
Panorama (NO)

All tracks possess an intensity and a dynamic between the musicians that is quite rare. As a listener you never loose interest.
Puls (NO)