Reviews RCD2019

The fusion of the mechanical and the organic is sensual, thrilling and mysteriously moving.
The Wire (UK)

A beautiful and strange combination of elegantly understated guitar, cello and drifting electronics that subtly demands your undivided attention.
Muzik (UK)

A unique blend of instrumentation and electronics, with references to mid eighties David Sylvian and This Mortal Coil as well as Deathprod and Biosphere.
Attractive and exciting.
Farojournalen (NO)

A shimmering, bright sound canvas with lots of presence.
Dagens Nyheter (SE)

An imagecreating and sensuous journey with references to Stockhausen as well as Brian Eno and Labradford. Focus and concentration will reward you handsomely.
Puls (NO)

This Swiss duo brings together aspects of Music Concrete, minimalism and European Folk to create sparse, delicately textured pieces. The integration of electronic and acoustic instrumentation (guitar, cello) adds depth and dimension to "Low Tide Digitals" cool facade. The best of these 11 untitled tracks contain mournful melodies atop quivering drones and tremulous loops. Very nice indeed...
Under The Volcano (US)

An immensely satisfying collaboration between two Swizz mavericks, filling the gaps between contemporary electronic and classical formats. The impressions left by theses fluid half-improvisations are lasting. Low Tide Digitals is fairly unobtrusive in that it never gets loud, but its textural scope is vast, and its alternating moods of poignancy, threat and blissful contemplation are never less than compelling.
Grooves Magazine (US)