Reviews RCD2024

On "Biomekano", they have combined the Arctic ambience of their debut with the glitch excursions of their sophomore effort in a beautiful, warm suite which both deepens my admiration for this duo and takes me to places I didn't know existed previously. Surely one of the finest products thus far released on the already excellent Rune Grammofon label.
Motion (UK)

An extremely exclusive selection of tracks that like the rest of Tromsø´s electronica scene touches upon an arctic element. We have rarely heard such a crystal clear album when it comes to combining certain basic elements. It redefines the rules regarding how music like this can be presented, and it´s done in a beautiful, intelligent and lasting way.
Dagsavisen (NO)

Melodic, sometimes rhythm based and sometimes more experimental. It´s far between albums this great in the already overcrowded jungle of Norwegian electronica. 5/6. Scooter (NO)

Electronica of the dark, melodic kind, A beautiful surface with a strong undertow. Arctic? Perhaps, but at the same time with a warm sound that proves that machinebased music not necessarily needs to be cold and without emotions. The best track, "Tropical Investigation", is among the most beautiful I´ve heard from the Norwegian electronica scene, a track Boards of Canada would sell their mixing desk for. An album for repeated listening. Warmly recommended. 5/6.
Spot (NO)

"Biomekano" is a strong album of experimental ambient electronica that brings the Norwegian duo Information back to their roots after a sidestepping journey in experimental CD composition. The textures are constantly clever, relevant and subsumed to the enjoyment of the tune.
All Music Guide (US)

"Biomekano" is Information's third album, and has found a perfect home on the exceptional Rune Grammofon label. The Biosphere references are quite obvious in the duo's construction of arctic atmospheres through an active exploration into the rich tonal colors of ambient washes; yet Information's music is far from pure ambience as they provide a greater intensity to their music through the throbbing micro-techno pulsations often associated with Vladislav Delay and Thomas Jirku.
Aquarius (US)