Reviews RCD2060

Shining´s main focus is on heavy, twitching rhythms and frantic, tangled riffs that take tricksy math-rock modes to frankly ridiculous new levels. A frighteningly intellingent, original and wide-ranging album, viscerally powerful and perplexing in the best way possible. 24 in Top 30 records of 2007.
Rock-A-Rolla (UK)

The music itself might best be characterised as heavy metal prog jazz. If such a description makes you recoil in horror, fair enough, but Shining pour gallons of energy, detail and enthusiasm into what they do.
Jazzwise (UK)

Dizzying, chopped-up´n´doomed-out rhythms not a country mile from Fantomas, haunted ambient interludes and hopscotchy electronic jazz. 4/5.
Buzz (UK)

The sheer joy and freedom emanated here, combined with the remarkable knack to make it sound effortlessly in flow, leads one to forget that any of this is wacky at all and simply enjoy the rollercoaster ride. 7/10.
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