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Following their 'Raus Aus Stavanger' (see Vital Weekly 514) MoHa!, short for Anders Hana on guitar, casio and drum machine and Morton Olson on drums and super collider 3, there is now the same full blown 'Norwegianism'. They are still young of age, 24 and 25 and have an experience of ten years behind their names already. Unlike the previous release, this one is recorded in a studio and later on mixed. It doesn't however change their sound dramatically. The bang like before, even there are moments of silence, but they work in pretty much the same way as the noise. They play their instruments with a furious force, but they remain 100% in control of what they do. To make noise is easy, to make noise and still know what you do, is difficult. MoHa! plays noise and improvise on their instruments, but in their briefness - both in length of their tracks and the total length of the CD - they show a rarely seen quality. MoHa! combines the best of many worlds - improvisation, noise, computer music. Listen and learn, I'd say. These boys will be big one day.
Vital Weekly (NE)

Another bout of extreme improvisation from the young and talented Norwegian duo comprising Jaga Jazzist and Noxagt guitarist Anders Hana and Ultralyd drummer Morten J. Olsen. Less savage than their debut "Raus Aus Stavanger", "Norwegianism" still cooks up a mean storm...the intense dark ambient electronic scurf of the closing "Ibiza One" and "Ibiza Two" is delightfully unhinged.
Rock Sound (UK)

The duo use guitar, drums and obsolete electronic gear in their bravura improv pieces, which are executed with laser precision and suggest an inspiring mangling of SPK, Acid Mothers Temple, Ornette Coleman and fellow Norwegians, Noxagt.
Uncut (UK)

It was only a matter of time before someone took Lightning Bolt and Wolf Eyes and mashed the two together into one heap of electronics-meets-improv rock. "Norwegianism" is the work of two young minds hellbent on screwing with everything at their disposal, where electronic noise and bleeps sit (un)comfortably next to all-out improv jams, and where calculated, octopus-like drumming ("Ibiza One") anchor what could easily have degenerated into an unlistenable mess in the hands of lesser musicians. A thrilling experience.
Rock-A-Rolla (UK)

Offers real rewards for anyone who likes improvised music or noise.
Flux (UK)

Norwegian duo MoHa! deal in sonic splatter, revelling in a restless brew of jazz, electronica and noise that recalls a enjoyable grotesque hyperspeed parody of Rune Grammofon flagship group Supersilent.
The Wire (UK)

Spend a merry 35 minutes with the free jazz/improv duo of Morten J Olsen on drums and Anders Hana on total fucking racket. They will reward you with glorious skronk and clatter with which to rinse your brain at the end of a troubled and wearisome day.
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