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With "One-way Ticket To Candyland" they´ve trimmed off all the fat, and hacked their sound down to short, brutal, impossibly tight jabs of prog-punk insanity; hyperactive clusters of micro-rhythms slammed together to create a savage collage of abbreviated riffs with absolutely no room for chance.
Plan B (UK)

From their first eruptions of sparse guitar and drums, spazz-jazz Norwegian duo MoHa! have quickly evolved into a force to really be reckoned with....this manic, volcanic, blitz of free-jazz, punk and prog-rock will surely tickle anyone who´s already had their head spun around by the likes of Lightning Bolt, Ruins and Orthrelm.
Rock-a-Rolla (UK)

Norway´s fecund improv scene continues to rival its better-known black metal hordes for playfully extreme noise terror. The third blast from neighbour-bothering duo Anders Hana (guitar, keys) and Morten J. Olsen (drums, FX) is a brittle maze filled with ultra-contorted rhythm and overdriven electronic scree - the sound of gleefully blown minds.
Mojo (UK)

Oh this is good, we were expecting good after last time but you never quite know, there have been some let downs and some backward steps in recent times from certain not as out there as they’d like us to think they were bands. This is early Hella good, this is gibbering and twitching and going off and things good, this is the new album from Norway’s excellently named MoHa! Some kind on in control hybrid improv attack of refined and very enjoyable instrumental extreme noise and scuzzy gutter electronics arcing at your dizzy head. This is extreme avant noise, never difficult though, more of a hard-boiled pleasure than an outright challenge to the listener. Hyperactive shape-shifting and gear changing, these people were obviously forced to listen to Ornette Coleman at an early age, that and the might of SPK or Throbbing Gristle with their Cardiac Arrests....there’s obviously some magical musical chemistry flowing here, beautifully constructed (real) progressive precision....sounding like a creative army of seven or eight and another forward moving boundary pushing extreme progressive treat of an album from the mighty MoHa!
Organ (UK)

With their latest, the duo has fully transformed into a much tighter proposition. Now we get short, sharp blasts of savagely intense composition, fusing punk´s violent energy with prog´s virtuoso intricacy. On tracks like the tell-tale "Prog-o-rama", tiny snippets of abbreviated riffs flash by, constantly slipping in and out of different time signatures to create an impossibly dense barrage of attention-deficit noise. With Olsen´s kit wired up to heavy-duty computer software and Hana´s keys and guitar cruelly distorted, it´s more like power electronics than rock, but even so, if you haven´t switched of after five seconds, you´re guaranteed half an hour of extreme head bang action.
Jazzwise (UK)

This is hilariously wild. MoHa! are a pair of polite Norwegians who kick up a mega racket on drums, guitar and noise assault gadgets. Candyland is a deranged land of intense imagination where noise rules, bringing freedom and inspiration to carry on planting a boot in the face of authority. This music makes me feel like beheading a banker for Jesus. Enjoy yourself, this is the new age!
Flux (UK)

For those imagining MoHa!’s Candyland might be akin to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, think again. The Norwegian duo move even further away from their jazz origins for an album that’s pure industrial assault and all the better for it. This is avant-garde noise with no apologies, an electronic barrage backed by guitar and drums over amphetamine prog-rock time signatures. MoHa!’s Candyland is no sweetshop, it’s a clattering robot Hell only for those with strong stomachs.
Beatmag (UK)

Achtung, Achtung, Mörderplatte! Stellen Sie sich eine (schmerzhafte) Symbiose aus Punk, Hardcore-Impro und Kampfelektronik vor. Glauben Sie zuerst, das gibt´s nicht – und dann hören Sie MoHa! ... Für Livefreaks gibt´s diese beiden dreckigen Genies hoffentlich bald zu sehen und zu hören, dass ihnen Sehen und Hören vergeht.
Freistil (DE)

Der dritte Longplayer der norwegischen Noise-Combo ist strukturierter als seine Vorgänger. Trotzdem gehts hier nach wie vor extrem zu und putzt einem ordentlich die Ohren durch. In der Schnittmenge zwischen freier Improvisation, billiger Elektronik und Darkwave-Stimmung wurden sie schon als die Zukunft des norwegischen Rock bezeichnet.... Das ist vor allem live eine Wucht aber auch diese CD hat es in sich.... Bemerkenswertes Duo.
Skug – Journal für Musik (DE)

Oha! Das norwegische Duo MoHa! verkauft uns ihren Höllenritt als ”One-way Ticket to Candyland”. Von wegen: Mit einem Gebräu aus Free Jazz und Abstrakt-Metal unterm Arsch heissen uns diese Jungspunde in der Hölle Willkommen. Dafür brauchen sie nur Gitarre, Schlagzeug und ein wenig Elektronik, der Effekt bläst einen aber sofort und garantiert nachhaltig weg.
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