Reviews RLP2144

Det er kun ganske få måneder siden, at jed registered the norske band Bushman's Revenge og deres album A little bit of big bonanza her på blogging. Nu er de atter current. Denne gang med et live album. Concerts he indspillet i Molde på jazzklubben Storyville i april 2012, kort efter at A little bit of big bonanza udkom i Norge. 3 af livepladens 6 numre er også gengangere fra det foregående study album. Styles he fortsat heavy guitarbaseret instrumental rock, the trækker på traditioner fra bands som Black Sabbath og Led Zeppelin. Live he lyden blevet mere fyldig, tung og dynamisk. Pladen udkommer i forbindelse med at bandet fejrer 10 års jubilæum. Guitarist Helte Hermansen står i spidsen for trioen. Han trækker suverænt og erfarent inspiration fra rockens guitarguder - lige fra Jimi Hendrix to Vernon Reid. Livepladen he et hammhængende og bedre lydende document and det forigem album. The small trio at which he comes mere dybde i lyden. His 8-minute long rockudgave Ornette Colemans Lonely Woman for hjerte til, at banke lystigt i takt til musikken.
Jazznyt (SE)

Bands from Norway have stood out for their creative consistency in jazz and heavy rock for years. Bushman's Revenge, which was founded in 2003, is a kind of connecting link: a power rock trio that is characterized by jazz in terms of playing technique and groove. Bushman's Revenge are a rock band with excellent instrumentalists who make music beyond the common pork skirt and still have rock deep in their bones. A dense and lively rhythm group prepares the ground and lurches forward, while the guitarist can continue to screw up and up in ecstatic lines for several minutes from the legacy of Hendrix and Mclaughlin. At the same time, these song jams have enough shape and contours that they do not evaporate arbitrarily, but dig into the ear canals with Verve.
Jazz´n´More (DE)

BUSHMAN'S REVENGE is one of the names that make my eyes light up and help establish my Ceterum censeo that Rune Grammofon is reliably one of the top addresses for the best music. Electric Komle - Live! (RLP2144) was recorded in May 2012 at the Storyville Jazz Club in Molde and shows the Nordstern trio in top form: Gard Nilssen (from Puma) as Personal Poltergeist, Rune Nergaard as Iron Bloke on bass and Even Helte Hermansen (from Shining) as professor Chaos on the guitar. From the rapid start with 'Iron Bloke' and the, although the pace is kept high, earwig indulgent 'As We Used To Sing' (from Little Bit Of Big Bonanza, 2012) to a medley with 'Ginsberg' and 'King Of Hello' (from You Lost Me At Hello, 2009) continue to 'Kill Your Jitterbug Darlings' (from Jitterbug, 2010) and Ornette Colemans' Loney Woman (from the cover version album Never Mind The Botox, 2012) to the final 'No More Dead Bodies For Daddy Tonight' (again from Big Bonanza) is the big bear dancing. Nothing is not big - from the radio to the wazoo. Hermansen takes Sonny Sharrock's earthiness as a basis to aim for the stars that he comes close to kissing at the climax of the opening. In 'As We ...' I see the demigods grinning in the guitar olympus, grinned, as one does them so honor. What an ascension that Hermansen guides with glowing fingers, if one can still speak of steering with the pace that the rhythm section does with glowing hooves. The medley leaves no breathing space, and even breathless you cannot ignore how well these pieces are built. With Accelerando, as if Bushman wanted to say hello to the chaos, to suddenly switch to difficult terrain and a tough drum solo, which is followed by a common Holter dipolter, which ends in an intense hard rock landing. In jitter bug fever, the trio sounds obvious even where the course is bone-breaking. You just have to surrender to the hymnic pull. Like on a baritone guitar, Hermansen then tunes Lonely in the night she wonders, Who can she tell of her heartache? What an unexpectedly tender version it is. She never told the secret of her sorrow / And yet there was someone who knew. But finally they start again for the troll sprint, with tucker bass and a guitar that chops and whirls their way, after 8 minutes finally senses their goal and spins towards it. Maybe guitars are as indispensable as Komle on Thursday?
Bad Alchemy (DE)

These norwegians rock to the tips of their hair - just like the fiery chili sauce that Bushman's Revenge is named for and which etches the last boil from the back! recorded in the Molder Storyville Jazz Club in may 2012, the trio started out with the brute guitar, bass and drums as if they wanted to beam their explained role models Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix into the 2012 present, so that they can be properly organized again got the 70s music smell of the stable. Of course, there are also plenty of solo interludes and heavily psychedelic guitar inlays that would even bring a few tears to a Zappa's eyes. At least "electrical Komle - live!" Driving rock meets progressive metal and playful jazz - everything from the beginning to the end is purely instrumental! sometimes the music would have done well to shift down a gear. But at the latest again in the moments when the last part of “medley” gard nilssen starts a minute-long drum solo that lets the Zeppelin's “moby dick” back on the water, then we finally become wholeheartedly aware: “the song Remains the Same "!
Noisy Neighbors (DE)

Bushman´s Revenge are perhaps the outfit who most fervently and decisively blur, and eventually burst, any borders separating jazz and rock before provoking violent regurgitation as the furious output of a turbo-charged power-rock trio. The trio´s guitar-bass-drums interplay is now so tightly wound, with occasional uncoiling into free-form maelstroms, that, while not essential, this recording is still an absolute blast.
Rock-a-Rolla (UK)

Bushman´s Revenge´s Electric Komle-Live! tempers its heavy rock dynamism with a healthy infusion of Nordic jazz. Recorded in May 2012 at Molde´s Storyville venue in Norway, it´s the vivacity of this performance that makes it such a worthwhile release.
Record Collector (UK)

A case could be made for filing this in my jazz section along with labelmates and fellow Norwegians the Hedvig Mollestad Trio, with whom this more imaginatively named power trio has many similarities. But even after their cover of Ornette Coleman's “Lonely Woman,” I wasn't feeling much jazz in their sound due to its unrelenting / unvarying speed, volume, and density of their music and a related lack of subtlety. But for sheer exhilaration and chops, the high-energy juggernaut of Bushman's Revenge is plenty rewarding on its own sort of metal-fusion terms.
Big Takeover (UK)

Bushman's Revenge påstår at de er et progband, eller enda verre, JAZZ !, men any direct on the inside meg i det. Bushman's rocker balle, og skremmer løstenna ut av bestemora di! This hard-parking orkesteret gav også ut plata Thou Shalt Boogie! på senhøsten, men det denne livplata som rocker mest hardest! (NO)