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Steering this vision is Rune Kristoffersen who, in partnership with designer Kim Hiorthøy, has ensured the label’s cohesive identity. Sailing to Byzantium sports characteristically oblique imagery from Hiorthøy. The box contains four 10-inch records, each in a different colour vinyl. There’s also a massive poster and a booklet with a fascinating interview with Kristoffersen and Hiorthøy. The 16 tracks range across the label’s catalogue and all the styles touched on over the years. It is not all “musical challenge”, but the first two records will satisfy those looking for that. The second half of the box covers cracked and atmospheric folk rock (Phaedra), disturbing musical self-examination (Jenny Hval’s “Blood Flight”), idiosyncratic vocalists and jazz-folk crossovers with no peers (Nils Økland and Arve Henriksen). A magnificent body of work.
The Artsdesk (UK)

Quieter, but promoting loud applause is "Sailing To Byzantium", a set of four 10-inch records marking the 150th release from Norway´s superlative Rune Grammofon label. With Jenny Hval, Arve Henriksen and Sidsel Endresen among the artists lining up, this limited edition is worth looking up - quickly.
New Internationalist (UK)

Rune Grammofon never do things by halves, and this beaut, marking the celebrated Norwegian label´s 150th release, is no different. 17 artists from the label´s illustrious roster contribute a track apiece, spread over 4 colour 10" pieces of vinyl and housed in a typically gorgeous box set designed by RG´s house designer Kim Hiorthøy, and including an interview with Mr Rune Kristoffersen himself. As with their previous label compilations, the title is borrowed from a poem (once again Yeats) and is both an elegant example of the label´s intractable commitment to the physical record and their diverse roster. Fans and record collectors will already know that, as with all Rune Grammofon box sets, it´s a must-have item. For everyone else, this is another example of how label compilations should be done.
Rock-a-Rolla (UK)

"Sailing To Byzantium" takes its moniker from the Yeats poem of the same name, witnessing the passing of the years, and an examination of the retention of vitality, It´s an ideal metaphor for a label that celebrates its 150th release with a luxury box set including four 10" discs of varying colours, a poster, and an interview with label founder, Rune Kristoffersen. A host of label bands and artists stretches the mastering to its limit, coping with different demands from along the frequency spectrum. Rune Grammofon does it brilliantly, retaing the immediacy of each recording, whether that be the guitar-heavy rock of the Hedvig Mollestad Trio, or the delicate, Miles Davis-like jazz tones of Arve Henriksen. A tonal treasure trove.
Reccord Collector (UK)

Top of the list is the sumptuous new box-set "Sailing To Byzantium", out in a limited edition of only 500 copies on Rune Grammofon. Presented on four dinky little 10" discs in red, white, green and blue coloured vinyl, it features choice tracks by 17 artists from the label´s impressive roster, including Scorch Trio, Arve Henriksen, Elephant9 and Fire!
Jazzwise (UK)

RUNE GRAMMOFON gjør vinylutgivelser til kunst, og kan også kunsten å appellere til platesamleres lommebok. Selskapets hundreogfemtiende utgivelse er «Sailing To Byzantium», en lekker og eksklusiv titommers boks i 500 nummerte eksemplarer med fire plater i fire forskjellige farger. Her får man et aktuelt utvalg kvalitetsartister fra selskapets katalog, i spennet rock/improv/støy/jazz/samtidsmusikk (meget grovt sagt). Arve Henriksens "Silver Box» er eneste tidligere uutgitte spor, men alt her tåler mange gjenhør (Henriksens «Places of Worship» er for øvrig en av årets fineste og mest vellydende norske LP-utgivelser). Omslagskunsten er som alltid signert Kim Hiorthøy. Han møter man også sammen med selskapets leder Rune Kristoffersen i et intervju med den engelske musikkskribenten Rob Young.
Dagbladet (NO)

Det kresne norske plateselskapet Rune Grammofon feirer sin 150nde utgivelse med å sende ut et veldig flott bokssett kalt "Sailing To Byzantium". Det er i begrenset opplag, og inneholder fire titommers vinylplater i forskjellige vakre farger, en plakat og et trekkspillhefte der Rune Kristoffersen og hans faste omslagsdesigner Kim Hiorthøy blir intervjuet om deres historie, bransjefilosofi og musikksyn av The Wire-redaktør Rob Young. Musikken på platene er nye og gamle favoritter, utvalgt av Rune selv. Musikken gir et tverrsnitt av utgivelsenes allsidighet - og samhørighet... Det er kanskje lett å se på Rune Grammofon som et snevert, lite selskap som holder på med kvalitetsmusikk - tallene viser kanskje nettopp dette. At det er en klar og tydelig hovedeksponent for et vitalt norsk musikklive, er derimot utvilsomt.
Dagens Næringsliv (NO)