Espen Eriksen Trio with Andy Sheppard: As Good As It Gets (CD/LP)

149,00 kr

The combination of Espen Eriksen Trio and UK saxophone giant Andy Sheppard is truly a match made in jazz heaven, or in the words of Andy:
I knew from the first time I heard the trio play that I would fit right in. I loved the melodic sense and vibe and was thrilled when I was invited to guest with the trio in London in 2016”.
This led to the very popular and critically acclaimed Perfectly Unhappy album in 2018, and now we are proud to introduce As Good As It Gets, the quite brilliant follow-up. It´s fair to say that the new album finds the trio slightly more lively and sunny in parts, still highly melodic and lyrical, often with a typically Nordic melancholic signature (check the Grieg nod in album closer "Drifting Clouds"). Eriksen is a master of catchy tunes and when Sheppard adds his inimitable playing to the trio´s minimalistic approach, pure magic is created.

Released 06.10.23