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RACD104 - Motorpsycho: Timothy´s Monster (4CD)

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”Timothy´s Monster”, originally released in late 94, is a certified classic, considered by many the best Motorpsycho album and often listed as the best Norwegian rock album in most significant listings since it´s release. Coming only a year after their dark and monumental ”Demon Box”, this is a lighter, more adventurous, spaceous and varied offering showing them blossoming into the band we have known and loved ever since, always on the move; forward, sideways, upwards, backwards. Spread over four CDs, you get the original album, the first version of the album that never got to be released and a very decent selection of rarities, outtakes and previously unreleased tracks. Not only that, the package itself is nothing short of excellent with it´s newly designed box, cardboard sleeves, poster and 24 page booklet with extensive liner notes and anecdotes, priceless photos and detailed notes about the recordings. This is simply a treasure trove for even the moderate Motorpsycho fan, if there is such a thing as a moderat MP fan...

Released 09.08.10