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RACD105 - Fra Lippo Lippi: Fra Lippo Lippi (4CD)

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Fra Lippo Lippi´s six studio albums had been out of print for up to 22 years when we re-released ”In Silence” and ”Small Mercies” as ”The Early Years” back in 2003. ”Songs” was released as a limited edition CD in 2005, and ”Light and Shade”, ”The Colour Album” and ”Dreams” have all been unavailable since the mid 90s. This 4CD box collects the four last studio albums, ”Songs” (1985), ”Light and Shade” (1987), ”The Colour Album” (1989) and ”Dreams” (1992) and comes as a limited edition of 1000 with personal liner notes from Rune Kristoffersen on each album and stunning design by internationally acclaimed designer Magnus Voll Mathiassen.

Released 26.08.11