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RACD110 - Motorpsycho: Blissard (4CD)

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This 4CD luxury treatment is the second instalment in what will be an ongoing series of Motorpsycho re-issues. As Tommy Olsson points out in the 32 page booklet, ”Timothy´s Monster” was a tough act to follow, and ”Blissard” was indeed a tough record to make. Occasionally described as Motorpsycho´s most experimental and alien album, ”Blissard” started with sessions in Trondheim in late 1994 with the working title ”When The World Sleeps” before they relocated to Stockholm´s legendary Atlantis studio for a fresh start and a different environment. Not entirely happy with the results, changes where made in Oslo before the album could finally see its release in February 1996 to all around positive reviews and winning them their first Norwegian Grammy. In addition to the original album this box set in effect gives you what is two full albums of what could have been, in itself a unique and rare insight into the birth and development of an album. Disc 4 is a selection of b-sides, rehearsal tapes and studio jams not really meant for release but still relevant in this context. 22 of the 48 tracks are previously unreleased.

In addition to the 4 discs the box includes a poster and a 32-page booklet with extensive liner notes and detailed recording information about all the tracks.

Released 23.11.12