RACD116 - Fra Lippo Lippi: Rarum 80-95 (CD)

129,00 kr

Over the years both Fra Lippo Lippi and Rune Grammofon have had numerous requests for a compilation like this. A number of recordings have only been available on various vinyl formats in small editions and never on CD or in digital form. So here are the 14 missing pieces, dating all the way back to the debut EP in 1980, and up to the final recording from 1995. Although the tracks have been subject to a new mastering, please note that no further effort has been made to turn it into a coherent artistic whole. It is what it is, through 16 years and four line-ups, from experimental bedroom recordings to full-blown studio workouts.

1. Tap Dance For Scientists   
2. Do The Modern Pose   
3. Dolls On Parade   
4. Backdrops   
5. Fabric Wardrobe    
6. A Moment Like This (live)  
7. Time Transfixed (live)   
8. Say Something   
9. Out To Sea   
10. The True Story   
11. The Heather On The Hills   
12. Come Summer (extended remix)   
13. Mother´s Little Soldier (extended remix)   
14. Everybody Everywhere (Monolight space mix)   

Released 13.04.18