RCD 2062 - Opsvik & Jennings: Commuter Anthems (CD)

129,00 kr

”Commuter Anthems” is the second album from Eivind Opsvik and Aaron Jennings. Opsvik is from Oslo, Norway, but has lived in New York since 1998 where he´s playing bass in several cutting edge groups. Guitarist Aaron Jennings is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but moved to New York after college. As with many of our releases ”Commuter Anthems” is difficult to categorize. Both players come from a jazz background, but that´s only a small part of the picture. Folk and country influences provide the album with a rural, almost relaxed feeling as guitars, double bass, drums, concertina, pump organ, lap steel, banjo, and various recording techniques and software manipulations creates a filmatic musical story being played by a dreamy experimental pop orchestra.

Released 26.03.07


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