RCD2089 - Circulasione Totale Orchestra: Bandwidth (3CD)

299,00 kr

This international improvising ensemble has been going since 1984 with various members, but a couple of years ago leader and legendary Norwegian sax and clarinet player Frode Gjerstad handpicked a new band of musicians that has meant something special for him during his long career. The title of this monumental 3CD set is relevant on several levels. Between the youngest and oldest musician there are some fifty years, they come from three continents and they cover a wide range of musical ideas with their unique blend of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. Frode Gjerstad wanted this to be a celebration of improvised music and we can only agree that he has succeeded on all levels. The music ranges from the volcanic to the quietly floating where it´s equally important for the musicians to know when not to play. In many ways this can be be seen as a great and relevant introduction to the many shades of free jazz and improvised music. The recordings were made at recent jazz festivals in Molde, Moers and Zürich.

Playing on all three discs are Frode Gjerstad (sax and clarinet), Louis Moholo-Moholo (drums), Morten J. Olsen (electronics and drums), Anders Hana (electric guitar), Nick Stephens (acoustic bass), Børre Mølstad (tuba), Sabir Mateen (sax and clarinet), Kevin Norton (vibraphone), Bobby Bradford (cornet) and Lasse Marhaug (electronics). Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (acoustic bass) are playing on disc one and two while Per Zanussi (electric bass) and Hamid Drake (drums) are playing on disc three.

Release: 02.11.09


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