RCD2105 - Ultralyd: Inertiadrome (CD)

129,00 kr

Ultralyd can be said to operate in a sonic landscape that has as much in common with modern contemporary music as wiith drone metal. While their vinyl only release ”Renditions” on The Last Record Company label in 2009 and their contribution to our recent ”Twenty Centuries Of Stony Sleep” compilation can easily be described as belonging to the former, ”Inertiadrome” introduces a more rhythm based, rough edged sound. What you get is an instrumental album of ensemble playing, practically free of soloing, largely driven by Olsen´s relentless drumming and Brandsdal´s monster heavy bass. Hana and Møster´s unorthodox guitar and sax treatments are filling the gaps while a bleak and futuristic sounding production gives it a distict sense of doom.

Released 18.10.10