RCD2114 - Humcrush with Sidsel Endresen: Ha! (CD)

129,00 kr

“Ha!” is the fourth Humcrush album, this time with the most welcome addition of singer Sidsel Endresen. Having toured together for a couple of years, they finally recorded some shows last year. This album was beautifully recorded in concert at Willisau Jazzfestival and is a great example of the duo´s seamless interaction as well as Endresen´s ability to improvise, listen, react, adapt and surprise, fully showing that we are dealing with one of the world´s leading vocal improvisors, coming from years of experience from solo work and collaborations with musicians like Bugge Wesseltoft, Helge Sten, Christian Wallumrød, Rolf Wallin, Jan Bang, Håkon Kornstad and Stian Westerhus.

And Humcrush is still Ståle Storløkken (keyboards) and Thomas Strønen (drums and electronics).

Released 19.08.11