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RCD2073 - Motorpsycho: Little Lucid Moments (CD)

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It´s a great pleasure for us to release this album from our favourite Norwegian rock band. Since their debut album ”Lobotomizer” from 1991 they have delivered a number of great albums and earned a reputation for being an excellent live band. With ”Demon Box” from 1993, Motorpsycho were already laying down the blueprint for much of the stoner psychedelia that would spawn a number of bands many years later. Today it´s more difficult to put a tag on Motorpsycho or to name any obvious influences; there are traces of west coast psychedelia, krautrock, punk, minimalism, improv, prog rock and more, all melting into that easily identifiable and unique Motorpsycho sound developed through more than 15 years of recording and touring. ”Little Lucid Moments” is a real treat with four long, energetic and evolving tracks clocking in between 11 and 21 minutes. With great new drummer Kenneth Kapstad a permanent addition pushing founder members Bent Sæther and Hans Magnus Ryan to new heights and with production by Helge Sten and Bent Sæther, mix by Jørgen Træen, mastering by Bob Katz and vinyl cut by Pauler Acoustics this album has been in the best hands from beginning to end. It´s quite simply classic Motorpsycho.

Release: 31.03.08