RCD2110 - Motorpsycho: Roadwork Vol. 4 - Intrepid Skronk (CD)

99,00 kr

This is the latest installment in Motorpsycho's ongoing series of live documents "Roadwork". "Roadwork vol 4: Intrepid Skronk" is a collection of moments from the several tours Motorpsycho have undertaken in Europe since Kenneth Kapstad joined on drums in 2007, and it features material from all phases of their career.
This is a living, breathing muscle-car of a rock band in full flight, stretching the limits of their imaginations (and sometimes the patience of their audience!) by going some place new as often as possible - creating a new collective identity for themselves and the reimagening the material in the process. The focus of the two volumes - and the series as a whole - is the same though: the improvising rock band. The versions of the songs contained herein all have one thing in common: they are all really different from the studio incarnations of themselves.

The Bomb-Proof Roll & Beyond   21:04
All Is Loneliness   18:45
Wishing Well   7:27
Landslide   9:00
Kill Devil Hills   10:09
The Alchemyst   13:31

Released 08.04.11