Jono El Grande: Melody Of A Muddled Mason (CD/LP)

129,00 kr

Strictly one off limited pressing on exquisite mint green vinyl. Comes with the CD inserted.

"Melody Of A Muddled Mason" is the natural successor to "Neo Dada", Jono´s masterstroke from 2009. Some of Jono´s finest writings can be found here, and he has refined his already considerable arranging skills to perfection, just listen to Bach's Beach and the title track for evidence. Jono lists movements like Rock in Opposition and the Canterbury scene and artists and composers like Frank Zappa, Stravinsky, Magma, Henry Cow and Gentle Giant as sources of inspiration. With his releases and stage shows he has now established his own signature, with mature compositions, refined arrangements, improved guitar playing and the introduction of subtle vocals. "Melody Of A Muddled Mason" is the sound of a composer and producer at the peak of his powers. The mint green vinyl and Kim Hiorthøy´s strikingly original artwork completes this extraordinary release.

Released 02.10.15