Anneli Drecker: Revelation For Personal Use (CD/LP)

129,00 kr

The white vinyl edition comes in a quantity of only 100.
Both vinyl editions come with a CD.

"Breathtakingly beautiful", "magical", "epic", "magnificent" and "instantly memorable" were among the words used in reviews of her much applauded comeback album "Rocks & Straws" from 2015, her first in 10 years. Brimming with memorable melodies, subtle arrangements, evocative lyrics, strong musicianship and a vital album production, it showed a mature and confident artist moving in a somewhat surprising direction, given her background in electronic music with Bel Canto, Röyksopp and her first solo efforts. It would be no mean feat to follow up the huge artistic success of "Rocks & Straws", but to our ears "Revelation For Personal Use" is an improvement on all accounts. It is also very much a follow-up, an ode to her native town and region, and again with all the songs being based on lyrics by local cult poet Arvid Hanssen and translated to English by artist and writer Roy-Frode Løvland. Anneli has written the album's eight lovely songs, plays piano and keyboards and has produced the album. It largely moves in the same musical landscape as the previous album, with the Arctic Philharmonic present on six tracks and string arranger Sindre Hotvedt, guitarist Eivind Aarset and drummer Rune Arnesen on board again. If anything, a couple of the tracks show a slightly sharper rock edge than its predecessor.

Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room in Stockholm did a special master for the vinyl cut, and it sounds beautiful!

Released 31.03.17