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RLP 3113 - In The Country: Sounds and Sights (2LP + DVD)

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Limited 2LP edition in gatefold sleeve including the CD and the DVD.

The DVD is PAL formatted, and should play on most computers.

Ambitious, epic and grand in scale, In The Country´s previous album ”Whiteout” was an artistic triumph. Always a very powerful and exciting live act, it was only natural that a concert album should come at this stage of their career, after three studio albums and a number of Norwegian, European and US tours. Here it is, and the words about ”Whiteout” also applies to ”Sounds and Sights”. You get selections from all studio albums, two new tracks and a sublime interpretation of Mark Knopfler´s classic ”Brothers In Arms”, all recorded in concert in October 2010.
As a bonus you get a stunning hour long art / concert film on dvd, and we don´t hesitate to call it one of the finest music films ever produced in Norway. Tarkovsky-like dream sequences and abstract art visuals go hand in hand with multi camera concert footage from the same shows as the cd.
Directed by Claus Arthur Breda-Gulbrandsen.

Released 24.06.11