RLP3123 - Bushman´s Revenge: A Little Bit Of Big Bonanza (LP)

179,00 kr

Please note: The new edition now selling comes in an ordinary sleeve with the same artwork, but no gatefold. And no download or CD! 

It´s no secret that we have a soft spot for this fabulous group and would wish nothing less than world domination for them. With one leg in heavy rock and one in jazz, what they do seems to be almost a lost art when it comes to making records. Basically meaning great musicians playing together in a proper recording studio, interacting and playing off each other. The tracks are mostly first or second takes, there is no editing and just a couple of overdubs on the whole album. And while guitarist Even Helte Hermansen is the natural focal point there are no big egos at work here, this is a solid unit where all members are equally important for the end result. Just listen to the ”loose but tight” interplay on the opening track, a ferocious and joyful interpretation of Sonny Sharrock´s  ”As We Used To Sing”. And they´re all still in their twenties.

Released 20.01.12