Fire! Orchestra: Arrival (CD/2LP)

299,00 kr

Both the limited white vinyl edition and the initial black edition comes with a CD.

Fire! Orchestra started out as a 28 piece ensemble in 2011, initiated by the Fire! trio of Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin. Now down to a "mere" 14 members, keeping the rhythm and horn sections to their bare necessities while bringing on a string quartet to expand the canvas, this "cleanup" has worked wonders. The two exceptional and powerful singers, Mariam Wallentin and Sofia Jernberg have been members since the start and shine as brightly as ever. With "Arrival" the ensemble have upped the ante on all levels and produced a stunning new album, with five originals and achingly beautiful cover versions of Robbie Bashos´s "Blue Crystal Fire" and "At Last I Am Free" by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rogers.

”Arrival” is light and shade, joy and despair, structure and improvisation, performed by an ensemble of top notch musicians. We consider it a major piece of work, both in our catalogue as well as in Scandinavian "jazz".

Released 24.05.19