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RLP 2125 - Bushman´s Revenge: Never Mind The Botox (LP)

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Vinyl only release that comes with free mp3 download of the whole album.

This is the companion to the Bonanza album, recorded during the same sessions in Athletic Sound. Here they cover some of their personal favourites, fully showing the diversity of artists that is so typical for the listening habits of young Norwegian musicians not subscribing to specific genres. Meaning you will find Back Sabbath and Pixies side by side with Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra. And with ”Bushman Rock” they also cover themselves. This song was left off the ”Jitterbug” album but they recorded a vastly improved version for this new album. And their take on Sabbath´s ”War Pigs” is absolutely blazing.

Full track list:
Bushman Rock (Bushman´s Revenge)
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman)
Bob Hunds 115:e Sång (Bob Hund)
No Time This Time (Police)
We Travel The Spaceways (Sun Ra)
Monkey Gone To Heaven (Pixies)

Released 20.01.12