Fire! Orchestra: Echoes (2CD/3LP)

199,00 kr

Limited edition 3LP set with individual sleeves placed in a sturdy slipcase.

2CD in a 6 panel digipac.

Now in its 14th year, the unique and constantly evolving Fire! Orchestra is back with their most ambitious work so far as well as their largest line-up, counting a mostly Scandinavian cast of no less than 43 members. While the popular and widely praised Arrival is a highlight in both our and the band´s catalogue, this monumental triple album ups the ante.
Echoes is a two hour work of epic proportions; full of beauty, energy, haunting passages and stunning musicianship, embracing progressive rock, contemporary avantgarde, cosmic free jazz, ethnic experimentalism and more. Making all of this flow in such a natural way from beginning to end is a brilliant achievement. The album closes with a guest appearance from the mighty Joe McPhee on tenor sax and vocals on a vigorous and amusing tribute to one of the “late, great finger wigglers” (answers on a postcard...).

Recorded at the legendary Atlantis studio in Stockholm and beautifully mixed by Jim O’Rourke, Echoes comes across as a very open, breathing, organic, detailed and dynamic album.
We would also like to point out that the vinyl edition sounds great, cut by Lupo in Berlin and manufactured by Optimal Media.

Released 14.04.23