RACD112 - Motorpsycho: Demon Box (4CD+DVD / 2LP)

199,00 kr


Still the favourite among many Motorpsycho fans, and one of the most iconic albums in Norwegian rock, "Demon Box" (1993) finally gets a long awaited re-issue treatment, following the popular "Timothy´s Monster" and "Blissard" box sets. Please note that this will only be released on Rune Grammofon.

Disc 1 and 2
The complete, meant to be album for the first time on CD. The original had three tracks left out to fit "all" on one CD.

Disc 3
The two closely connected EPs, "Mountain EP" and "Another Ugly EP" plus "Home Of The Brave" live at the Roskilde festival.

Disc 4
Various outtakes, live recordings and other rarities, mostly unreleased until now.

Disc 5
Something of a curio that will have the fans wetting their pants. A one-camera video documentation of the full gig at the Vera venue in Groningen, The Netherlands, September 19, 1993. Dark, shadowy, loud, energetic and primitive, this is still the best audiovisual recording of a complete show from this period.

36 pages of detailed information, photos, in depth liner notes from Bob LeBad and Tommy Olsson.

2LP 180g black vinyl
With the original release now fetching unhealthy prices on the secondhand market, this re-issue is long overdue. Audio Master Restoration by Helge Sten, 180g vinyl and improved artwork straight from the original source material.

2LP limited edition on 180g transparent vinyl
Said to be the best of the "coloured" vinyl alternatives, also claimed to sound better than black vinyl, at least in theory.

Released 05.12.14