Motorpsycho: Behind The Sun (CD/2LP)

119,00 kr

Long out of print, now available as a limited 2LP edition (500) on grey vinyl!
Same beautiful gatefold sleeve, and the etching on Side A.

Gorgeous 180g 2LP edition includes etching, one black and one white LP as well as the CD. Sold out!

"...One day in the 25th year of the Motorpsychodelic Union, the forces of D/Numbness were finally vanquished. Once again the intergalactic Four Norsemen of the Rock Avant could fly their veg zeppelin unchallenged across the solar plains, their mission complete and the righteous deed done! …for still they held sway, and on this day at least - somewhere Behind The Sun - they were triumphant!"

As with the acclaimed ”Still Life With Eggplant” album, the recording was done in Brygga Studio in their hometown of Trondheim and once again includes the amazing Reine Fiske on guitars. Other guests are Ole Henrik Moe on viola and saw and Kari Rønnekleiv on violin. It´s safe to say that after 25 years Motorpsycho has cemented their position as an institution in Norwegian music, no rock band has even been close to achieving the same status when it comes to longterm quality, credibility, integrity and respect. It´s also extremely rare to see bands and artists continue to flourish artistically after such a long time. In fact, we can´t think of any.

Released 07.03.14