Action & Tension & Space: Tellus (LP/CD)

139,00 kr

The band describe themselves as a spaced out, instrumental loungerock outfit, with added vibes of folk music, jazzy surf, psychedelia, free improvised chill-out, jangly post-rock and travelling bass. Not much for us to add here, apart from possibly a pinch of krautrock. “Tellus” is the quartet’s fourth album, and their debut on Rune Grammofon. Being something of an allstar team from the fertile psychedelic spacedrone scene in Haugesund on the westcoast of Norway, the members also pay their dues in bands like Electric Eye, Lumen Drones (ECM), Undergrünnen and The Low Frequency in Stereo, whose album “Futuro” we released back in 2009. On “Tellus” they are joined by Sigbjørn Apeland, a much esteemed musician largely operating in a landscape of folk music, church music and improvisation. He is a member of Nils Økland band (ECM and Hubro) and has collaborated with him for 30 years, also appearing on his two albums for Rune Grammofon; “Straum” (2000) and “Bris” (2004). Also appearing on “Tellus” is drummer Ståle Liavik Solberg, a central force on Oslo’s thriving improvised music scene who has performed worldwide with numerous Norwegian and international musicians.
“Tellus” is a powerful and spicy brew rich on captivating hooks, smart details and a hypnotic drive. Their finest effort so far!

Released 25.03.22