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RCD2108 - Jenny Hval: Viscera (CD)

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Jenny Hval has already made considerable waves in Norway with her previous albums ”To Sing You Apple Trees” (2006) and ”Medea” (2008), both under the moniker Rockettothesky. “Viscera” is set in the body. The songs are stories of flesh and travelling, both sensual and provocative. She wanted to make free music, without a conceptual framework, but realised after recording the album that all the songs deal with travelling in one way or another. Some songs have a modernist protagonist - an unknown and yet present I - whereas other songs take place in the body, visceral travelling. Inside becomes outside, the body is turned inside out. The music is poetic, sensual, challenging, sometimes dark and always immensely beautiful.
Beautifully recorded and mixed by Helge Sten, this is quite simply a stunning third album from a unique artist. Comes highly recommended!

Also comes as a 2LP vinyl edition cut at 45rpm for best audio performance. Includes mp3 download.

Released 18.02.11


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